Dear All,

Thanks to all our sponsors who helped us collect 4900 EUR until the fundraiser deadline, virtually all of our 5000 EUR goal this summer! :)

This will allow us to continue providing basic support of the site in 2014 and pay the infrastructure bills.

As you know, we reduced staff hours and spending on the development of new features, but hopefully we will still be able to come out with some small new releases every now and then. Next up is reworking the Login and Registration. We want to introduce Facebook Connect to simplify logging in and using the site for first time or casual users. Besides, we're also planning to develop a new "Forgot Password" mechanism to replace the current one, which a lot of users are having issues with.

If you've missed this Fundraiser, you will be able to donate all year round by clicking on the SUPPORT ISL menu. Any further contributions are very much welcome, since they will help us formulate a reserve for unforeseeable expenses, while the rest will be put towards developing new features, e.g. hosting new material formats.

Thank you again, and have a great summer!

Bless up,
34 mins ago
Uploading #3
When is this problem going to be fixed?
reply to Ademelbz's post #128
reply to Ademelbz's post #127
reply to Ademelbz's post #127
6 hours ago
Uploading #2
Hi peter,
I also have an uploading problem. Yesterday I resubmitted one worksheet because I had found one mistake and it still isn't there. I think there an uploading problem again.
Enjoy your summer holidays :)
11 hours ago
Uploading #1
Hi Peter, I've uploaded a worksheet with a size exceeing 2Mb which has caused an uploading problem. Now, I have two worksheets unseen. I want to delete them, but I don't know how ???
reply to PhilipR's post #14
Well spoken Phillip, i agree!
I do think as well that ISL needs to find a corporate sponsor if they want to keep staff for the running of the site.
I do think its a great site though
reply to ayax's post #124
God i hope your not teaching English!
reply to Kisdobos's post #102
hi peter ,
can u give me ur email adress cause i want to tell u something important about this website really important and thanks !
34 mins ago
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