19 hours ago
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i am teaching english in turkey

my school is in Demre -Antalya -Turkey

my kids are very motivated to learn English.
So having penfriends from Spain would be great.

if you are interested in here is my e mail

kaizen540 (at) gmail . c o m

1 day ago

Hi dear friends

I'm looking for penpals for some of my school pupils to write 3 letters + Christmas card. They're good at English.

I need:

30 students aged 13-14
30 students aged 14-15
31 students aged 15-16

If you or you colleagues are interested, please email me!

Have a nice day!! Hugs from Spain!


I have recently started tutoring a 9 year old child who lived for three years in an English speaking country. Therefore her spoken English is very good, she can read simple texts and spell simple words. However, her knowledge is limited. Do any of you have similar experience? Could you, please, share ideas how to approach this? I am able to think of various topics and produce worksheets or make her lessons interesting, but I would love to have an outline what to start with, any good books that could be used and so on. She has three lessons a week of English at her school, twenty children in class and all the other are doing Happy Street 1. It is too easy for her and her teacher does not have time to give her more individual time. She comes to me once a week. Thank you.
This site may be of great interest !!!
Register now and choose what you want to learn!
Good luck!
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Mar0919, I need your information too. My email is vic.vamar@gmail.com. Thanks a lot. God bless you!!!

2 weeks ago
Scotland #1
Hello dear colleagues,
If - ever - interested in the Scotland votes for independence, here is a link with articles & videos.

Happy teaching!!
2 weeks ago
Stolen Worksheets #15
reply to Kisdobos's post #14
And I've answered.Thank you.
2 weeks ago
Stolen Worksheets #14
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I wrote you a PM. Peter
2 weeks ago
Stolen Worksheets #13
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
I don't remember the date or time, I only know that Elementary Grammar has always problems and the others that I upload straight away after have no problems. So my system has to be OK.
3 weeks ago
Stolen Worksheets #11
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Now the same ws says "preview under generation" and it doesn't go to the front page.
3 weeks ago
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