Dear Colleagues!

As Christmas and the end of year is drawing near, I would like to take the time and thank our authors who have shared their work on iSLCollective this year. You have done an amazing work, and we are immensely grateful to you. We believe that you are making the world a better place, not only for your own students but for students in almost 300 countries - this is how many countries we have members from. It's an honor and privilege to be the site that you choose to publish on.

I am also very grateful to those 15 authors who talked to me on Skype and shared their thoughts on what we need to be better teachers in the twenty first century. And of course those 1000 teachers (Wow!) who filled our survey not long ago. (BTW, the infographic with the key findings is coming soon, I am half finished.)

From the tons of emails I get and the many conversations I've had, its clear iSLCollective has become a daily savior for multitudes of teachers, and I know how appreciative our members are of the free teaching materials they find here, even if we are often in a rush while desperately trying to find the right stuff for our upcoming class tomorrow or when the bell rings in half an hour, and fail to say thank you to the author. Let me grab the opportunity and encourage everyone to leave a warm comment as often as you can, and preferably a personal one, because this is the sole reward for those sharing here. Your thank-you note after opening the downloaded worksheet or feedback after you taught your class can lighten up your fellow colleague's day.

Let's not forget about our volunteer moderators and our professional team, either. My special thanks go out to Kifissia for years of FB and tweeting about the best worksheets, but of course I am indebted to everyone else, too. As for our professional staff, they do hundreds of hours of work every month to communicate to users, help them with their every problem, and provide a reliable online service. On the technical side, whenever we had problems with the servers, they'd jump right on the problem to bring iSLCollective back online as soon as possible. Besides, what only I can see, is how much work needs to be put continuously into finetuning the code and updating the servers week after week to provide quick loading times and serve millions of searches reliably. So kudos, guys!

A really nice way for members to say thank you is to make a contribution in our ongoing Christmas fundraiser. If you've found any joy in using our free resources, please make a donation of and earn your title as a Supporting member for one year. iSLCollective depends a lot on contributions by its users, so any help you can send our way matters a great deal, as it helps us provide our free teaching materials in 2015.

Bless up,

iSLCollective co-founder
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I would like to have penpals for my intensive English class, I have 19 ESL students, age 11-12, from Québec.


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Dear Colleagues,

Now you can support iSLCollective with 4 major bank cards in our ongoing Christmas Fundraiser: MAESTRO, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD! Our payment processing partner is Borgun International. The actual payment takes place on its secure site. None of your bank card details are stored by either party, only by your bank.

Up till about a week ago Maestro was not an option, so if you tried and your card was rejected, and you still wish to support us, it will work now.

Thank you,
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Dear Amene,

Thank you, looking forward to it!

Bless up,
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Dear Peter
I am writing to appreciate your team's hard work and the amazing teaching material.
We have an English institute in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Our manager is willing to co-operate with you to supply more and more English language teaching material for Iranian students. Also about the financial matters we can partly support your team.
Please advise.
Best Regards,
Amene Niafard
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Really nice. THANKS to everybody for the nice, useful and helpful wks I've been downloading all year round. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY
5 days ago
New Year's Eve #5
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Hi, I think it should be working now. There were big documents on queue. BTW, I notice first whatever is coming through our support line: info [at] islcollective [com]. Thx, Peter
Hi everyone,

Extraordinary Times is a community documentary film about women in their 80s and 90s living in Hastings and St. Leonards in the south-east of England (my hometown). The film explores six wonderful women's stories from the past and the richness of their lives today, proving that life is to be lived to the full at any age. I've known one of these wonderful women for many years, in fact we worked together in the late 1970s.

It could be shown to more advanced students leading on to a debate about old age. Or simply to be enjoyed by yourselves. A great lesson in life.

6 days ago
New Year's Eve #4
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