3 hours ago
worksheets missing #3
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Thanks for your answer Peter!:)
14 hours ago
worksheets missing #2
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #1
Hi, do you mean these?



Just run a search on your resources page and they will pop up.

Bless up,
16 hours ago
worksheets missing #1
Hi, I am new here and two of my worksheets have disappeared from from my resources :Life at the time of the great war and animal riddles 1 . What happened? Thanks for your answers
reply to viker173's post #22
HI Eric!
Can you write me a PM?
3 days ago
Downtime fixed #2
reply to Kisdobos's post #1

From Argentina.
3 days ago
Downtime fixed #1
Dear Colleagues! We've had some downtime due to a server error. We've been working on it the last couple of hours, and the site is back. Sorry about any inconvenience you may have suffered! Peter
reply to PhilipR's post #24
PhilipR, you are a legend! Your worksheets and templates mate are second to none. Love ya! Gonna meet you one day. Be scared. I am one wild woman!!! He he :-) I'm a little mouse really.
Hi guys!

I haven't been on much lately, but anyone will forever be able to download my worksheets for free without me expecting anything in return. Isn't that the premise of this site? If you disagree with it, then simply don't upload. As for throwing a tantrum and deleting all your printables, I'd say either grow up or grow some thicker skin. Pathetic really.

Have a nice day all!
2 weeks ago
Isl branching out #23
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #19
I feel bad now about saying that people who are too 'idle or incompetent' to make their own worksheets.... Let's just stick with 'too busy'. When I was younger and I had a young family, I didn't have the time I had now. I didn't faff about preparing wss - I used the text books. How nice to be aboe to supplement that with wss that other people have freely given to share.

If I prepare something, it's out there for people to share. Maybe they are young mums, busy young dads, whatever. As we tell our students 'it's nice to share.'
2 weeks ago
Isl branching out #22
reply to mamartins's post #16
Hi mamartins, Here's too hot, it's 9:25 AM and the temperature is 27°, within a month we will be in summer
:( .
3 weeks ago
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