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reply to liette's post #138
Gee! Two mistakes in one sentence.............! She's off!!!
reply to Kisdobos's post #137
Hi Peter,
Hope you got answers from Italy - if not, ............I'd be right, then ??? Argg.
If you were to come to Northern France- Normandy - ( nor far from Cherbourg... just by the English Channel )( not English, to our view, He!He! ),
you'd get a tiny bedroom in a small house - for free - ;-)))
No paying fees - just like your site! ;-)))
( ain't she a nuisance ?!!)
Enjoy your holiday, & have some rest - when trying, people should be able to find worksheets, do not worry!!
I know my messages can be unpleasant - but...I always speak my mind. Some say I shouldn't - I sometimes believe them..........But not for long!
:-) :-)
Sylvie ;-) If someone were to correct my English, I'd find it .............soooooooooo funny!!! ( not joking - this time..!!!) I loved the witty answers I've read not long ago : funny, but never rude. My cuppa..........

reply to liette's post #2
PS : All the letters will be "checked" - of course! - written during the English class, & sent to a school - not a personal address, as we are responsible for everything we do with our students.
reply to garfieldmaria's post #1
Hi there!
My name is Sylvie, & I'm a French teacher of English. Just like you, I like my "kids" to exchange letters or postcards with students from other countries - & I've had great experiences with colleagues from this great site! ( Turkey, Croatia, Poland, etc!)
Next september, I'll have two classes of beginners ( 11 years old students- each class being about 19 students ) ) & a class of 4th years ( 13-14 years old ; 21 students) ( + I teach Special Needs, But I'm not sure wether some teachers would like to exchange, as some of these kids are severely handicapped...they are 12 to 15 or 16 & there are about 20 students altogether - 2 classes -...)
Just like you said ;-))) a letter or card is like a gift , & I prefer postal exchanges too ( though we DO use PCs, ;-))))
I just do not know if you could be interested, if so, could you let me know via private message ?
I do not need penpals for ALL my students, ....BUT, if an exchange could be started, I need - & wish....- to get friends for ALL the kids in one class ( ie = no child "left on the side" of the long road to ...growing up...)
If YOU, dear colleague, or any English teacher felt like having a postal exchange, I'd be in!
We are from Northern France, just by the Landing beaches ( D-Day, WWII) , it's a country of seamen & horses...
So, 2 classes of beginners ( 11 years old - 19 students each )
1 class of 4th years ( 13/14 years old - second language : Spanish or German - 21 students )
If you were to have more students, I can easily ask my kids to write to several penpals....:-)))
As far as I am concerned, I won't be able to start an exchange before mid-September, as our students go back to school on 2nd /09....
BTW, I love this site when the forum shows messages like yours...;-)))
Warm regards from sunny France,

We are about 100 students aged 8-17 years and we would like to have postal penpals all over the world! The letters will be sent to the school and the teacher will give them to the students and they will have to answer as soon as possible! We are interested in having friends, meeting each other, maybe talking via skype some time in the future as a class also, and you never know! Maybe we could make trip to each other via school to meet :) The subjects are not specific because i just want my students to feel free write about what they want and not follow stereotypes. Open their mind, their heart! A basic guidance will exist from the teacher and the letters will be "checked" for any appropriate language if any - but that s all :) If you are interested we would love to start a friendship :) My students start in September. But we can start earlier by you writing the letters sending them and matching them with my students and receiving the reply as soon as possible :) I prefer postal and bot through email because students get excited when they touch something someone abroad sent them and feel it. It is like a gift for them :) It doesn t matter if you have less students! Even 5 students are friends too :) :)

Here is a link to the die template:
reply to Lcristina's post #136
Dear Lúcia, try broadening your search from indefinite articles to articles to get more results. We've recently added a bunch of new grammar categories, among them many sub-categories (e.g. indefinite articles happens to be a recently added sub category), and we're still waiting for the authors to retag their works. Slowly, as more and more authors add new tags to their existing worksheets, the more useable the search is going to become.
reply to Kisdobos's post #102

Dear Peter,

for much time I've been getting much material for my classes and even for myself.
Unfortuunately I couldn't contribute with this page I'm so interested.

Peter, I'm in trouble because I can't get printables that I could once. What should I do?
For instance, I need a page for elementary students about indefinite articles. How should I do?

I really need your answer.

reply to Marg's post #133
Dear Marg,
I agree with you BUT after reading such a rude comment (post # 127) I wanted to show this member that he/she ALSO makes mistakes. As you said, to err is human.
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