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  • ESL Printable of the day

    This worksheet introduces students tothe different meanings of dreams types. Teachers can explore nouns,adjectives and verbs.
    Level: Elementary (A1)
    Grammar: Auxiliary verbs
    Vocabulary: Debate
  • ESL Projectable of the day

    Take a look at how women's fashions have changed from 1400-today
    Level: Beginner (pre-A1), Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1)
    Student Type: high school, elementary school, adult
    Skill: Reading
  • ESL Teaching tip of the day


    - Make the Ss tell things which are often advertised on TV. ( Write the elicited list on the board)

    - In small groups, choose one of these things and think of a new brand.

    - Write a radio advert explaining why it\\'s better than its competitors.
    ex) For the whitest teeth buy Afterglo. It whitens your teeth and leaves your breath fresher than mountain air. It\\'s more effective than all its leading competitors. Choose Afterglo, for the brightest, most confident smile.

    - Make the Ss read out their advert to the class. When they\\'re listening to the other grourps\\' advert, make some notes for a complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency,
    ex) The advert says it\\'s more effective than other toothapastes, but it contains much more sugar than other brands to make it taste better.
    Vocabulary: Advertising/marketing
    Functions: complain about sg

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