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"Thanks a lot for the work you do every day. You have saved me a lot of times with your worksheets. I think this is the least I can do to..."
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We're a small team dedicated to helping you teach better. Hover over our photos to see who we are.

My name's Istvan Jaromi, and I am a backend developer. I code new features and fix bugs.

I am Szelina Szigeti, and I am a frontend developer for iSLCollective. That means I am working on how things look on the site.

I am Benedek Princz, co-founder of iSLCollective and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) who manages our developer team.

I am Peter Laszlo, co-founder of iSLCollective and head of product development. I am in charge of coming up with new feature ideas, designing them and overseeing their production, like our new video lessons platform.

I am Adam Laszlo, also a co-founder of iSLCollective. I am the CFO, and my main job is to manage our legal, financial and human resources matters.

My name's Zsuzsa Kiss. I am your helpdesk assistant. If you have any questions or problems, you can reach me at info [at] islcollective [dot] com, and I'll be glad to help.

I am Szabolcs Simonyi, backend developer. Just like Istvan, I code new features and do bug fixes.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message

Peter Laszlo


The second year into the pandemic, how do you feel? I bet you must be feeling just like us: tired, uncertain and wishing for allies to rely on in these difficult times.

Yes, we need you to be our ally, because it is no easy job to serve the skyrocketing traffic we've been seeing in this new online era. With education still interrupted, language teachers who had never before used online resources in teaching are now flocking to iSLCollective. The burden on us is many times heavier than normal (think more support requests, more servers, more maintenance costs).

But out of adversity, comes opportunity. An opportunity to realize we need each other. We help you and you help us, and together we can not only keep the site online and free, but make it even better (see below sneak peek here from our brand new website coming in just a few months)!

Only the price of a coffee. It takes that little for you to be part of this amazing project: a site offering you and every teacher in the world free online resources for all situations: paper worksheets in class, online worksheets for remote work and interactive video quizzes. If you cannot afford to buy us a coffee, no worries. You can also take part by contributing a worksheet you made or creating a video quiz! (Let's thank all our authors who make this site rich in content and all our patrons!)

Keep strong! We can ride out the storm together!

Bless up,
Peter Laszlo, iSLCollective co-founder

  • santonin santonin
    "I think it is only fair that hard work and dedication should be rewarded. I have been happy to post worksheets (a few) and to download other teachers' productions (loads) for the last 3 years. By becoming a modest sponsor I wished to support this collective commitment."
  • kitten17 kitten17
    "It is easy to get caught up in how busy we all are and just upload a few resources in return for using the brilliant resources others provide, but then I thought that if we all did this and nothing else? This fantastic website would disappear. So I decided to donate in recognition of the time people have invested and in appreciation of the time it has saved me."
  • doco doco
    "I sponsor iSLCollective because I really love the worksheets, they are colourful, challenging and offer many opportunities to teach mixed ability classes. Thank you so much, I think your website is one of the most valuable tools I know!"
  • escritora escritora
    "I am an English teacher who was born in Brazil and lives in Germany. In ISLCollective I found a platform where I can download exercises in all three of these languages. That is the reason why I support ISLCollective. Of course, I could download the exercises without paying anything for it, but how long would they be able to offer this service if no one would be paying anything. I'd like to continue to use these exercises and powerpoints and that will only be possible if some of us spend some money. They do a great job - let them continue doing it for us, teachers."
  • " l have been using this site for several years and l find it very interesting. It has helped me a lot in preparing for my lessons. I use iSLCollective every day. It makes my job easier and helps my students learn in a funnier way. l advise everybody to sponsor iSLCollective, it's worth it! Dear authors and admins, thanks for your efforts!"
  • "iSLCollective is very helpful and easy to use. I'm so happy that I found it and I wouldn't replace it with any other similar site! My students have fun and learn easily through the worksheets! I will be iSLCollective's sponsor until I stop teaching! I recommend you do the same.. :)"
  • "iSL is a great way for teachers to help each other by sharing their resources, but without the hard cash to support the website that resource will be lost. As a private tutor I really appreciate having these worksheets available and have been happy to contribute towards the maintenance costs."
  • "ISLCOLLECTIVE means that I can find excellent quality resources, made by teachers, for all levels and ages, and so well organized I can find great worksheets even when I am in a hurry. The website is very easy to browse and user-friendly, and has so much to offer. It is my first stop whenever I need a new resource. I like the fact that we can look for the material produced by a particular teacher too. I felt it my duty to reciprocate something, and I hope many will contribute, so that the authors can keep up their amazing work, for the benefit of the whole community. Very gratefully, from Christine, from France"
  • "A good community only works if everyone puts in a little share. Hey, this is actually an awesome project! On the one hand, it's just incredible to find so many useful ressources in one spot, and be able to get them. For free. On the other hand, we kind of get used to this, right? Isn't everything in the web for free, sort of? Wikipedia, facebook, youTube, tons of news sites and other sites? No, it isn't. We just tend to forget that. All these sites put in a tremendous amount of work. Some have found other ways to get money, by monetizing your data for example. Or by having people pay to have their content featured. So, it's advertising, just hidden. Others just have a huge network of people willing to work. For free. And so, because nobody is watching us, we start thinking that it is okay to just download and use that work other people have done. For free. But it isn't. Giving back should be a normal thing. And giving back can have multiple forms. You could ask yourself: i have used this platform. It has helped me. How can i help back? Sometimes, this might mean uploading a paper you have created. Sometimes, it might be dropping a line just to say thank you. Sometimes, it is to just donate what you can afford or think is fair. Because, evidently, all this costs money. There is no such thing as free content. Somebody always pays for it. And it is good to contribute to keep it alive and interest-free. Because otherwise, it will disappear. Or be paid for by people who have something to sell. So, yes, do donate. Because it means being a good person. "
  • "I think iSLCollective is the best place to find and share all type of resources we may need for any type of students,not only children but also teenagers and adults, at any level and ready to use with just a click.. It is really easy to find anything we need and to share activities with other teachers from all over the world, .Becoming a sponsor and supporting ISLCollective is the best way to keep on providing teachers with lots of resources to ease our daily work and to say "thank you very much; keep on working.

The new website has the same uploading and downloading system, but with a sleak new design and some new functions (new Online worksheet filler, PDF download, new search functions, e.g. author search). Impőortantly, the worksheets have been re-categorized, which we hope will make them easier to find when you search. 


Q: How does paying work?

You can choose to select a monthly amount to pay every month or you can make a one-time payment. We are happiest for recurring payments, which means you authorize us to automatically charge your Paypal account or bank card every month - until you cancel it. So if you're thinking about whether to pay 15 euros once, or 3-5 euros every month, please choose a smaller, but monthly amount. Of course, we are immensely grateful for one-time payments, as well!

In either case, technically you pay in your national currency, and our bank will exchange it. The currencies indicated in the payment box are there to give you a better idea of how much you are going to pay.

We are glad to answer any questions at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I am considering paying a small amount every month. How does this work?

Paying every month (monthly recurring payment)

If you select "PAY MONTHLY" in the pay box above, it means that you are going to make a payment every month, and with your authorization this amount will be debited (=charged) by iSLCollective automatically on the monthly anniversary of the first payment, until of course, you stop your payments.

You can easily stop your automatic monthly payments by going to the History/support sub menu in your MyPage (click on your avatar in the top right corner). There you will find a link that takes you directly to the page on where you can stop the payments. In case of CCBill (our bank card payment processor), you just have to reply to the payment confirmation email they have sent you, and they will cancel your recurring payment within a few hours.

Recurring payment works both with PayPal and your bank card. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollectve Sponsor" right after successful payment.

Q: I'd like to pay 15 dollars, but only once. Can I do that, too?

Paying just once 

Sure. If you select "PAY ONCE" in the pay box above, you will be charged your selected amount only once. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollective Sponsor" immediately after successful payment.

Q: What payment methods can I choose from?

1. PayPal

In case of using Paypal, the actual payment takes place on PayPal's secure site. If you create a PayPal account, in most countries you can also pay with your debit or credit card.

Experiencing problems when trying with PayPal? Contact us at info [at] islcollective [dot] com, or try the next option.

2. Bank Card

You can also pay securely with your debit or credit card on, the site of our international payment gateway partner. We have chosen CCBill because it is well-known and trustworthy provider for processing electronic payments.

Experiencing problems when trying to donate with your bank card? You can try using your bank card with PayPal, too. For many people it works, as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I need an invoice after my donation. How can I get one?

Your payment is a donation. According to the laws of Hungary, where iSLCollective Ltd. is based, invoices are not issued after donations. 

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1 month ago

Hi. If I sign up for either a one-time payment or a recurring payment will I get a version that has no advertising?

2 months ago

Hi. I really appreciate your efforts, and would like to make a donation. However, I'm afraid the payment methods you have don't work for me. I am in China, so is there any way I could send a donation through Alipay or WeChat? Or a Chinese bank account?

2 months ago
reply to SmahaneKhalil's post #469

Trust the site, but here is another option.

4. "Is it safe to pay on your site?"

Yes, it is as safe as it gets.

5. What is the payment process with PayPal?

The PayPal process You can use this option even if you don’t have a PayPal account, but you want to use your bank card. You need to take three steps:

  1. You select your Supporting Membership period on the fundraiser page, and click on the Paypal button.
  2. On the next page you have to choose whether you need a detailed invoice or not (if you check in this box, some new fields will show up and you’ll be asked to provide your personal details so we can make out your invoice). There is another checkbox that says “Please publish my name on the public list of supporting members.” If you check in that box, your name will be listed on the list, and the caption "Supporting member" will be shown above your large size avatar.
  3. If you click on the “Pay now” button, you will be redirected to PayPal's secure site to make the payment. There you need to log in to your PayPal account, or if you don’t have one, provide your bank card details. Once your amount arrives to the iSLCollective bank account (it’s typically a matter of max half a minute), your iSLCollective account will be automatically upgraded to a Supporting Member account, and you will no longer see ads on the site.

2 months ago
reply to AprendeMasUgijar's post #472

According to the FAQ you cannot change your user name. You could re-register under another name. I would write to [email protected] to ask to have your new name reflect past donations.

2 months ago

Dear Sirs, I love your website and use it frequently. Thank you!

I have an old user name which is now incorrect as it was the name of the academy I used to work for. If I am still to continue donating I would like to change my user name and have my ID reflect the donations I have made in the past. Would this be possible? Many thanks in advance.

I also would like to comment on the ability to save videos under certain grammatical areas not always evident in the brief descriptions, a bit like in Youtube where you can make your own saved videos folder names to go to regularly. Could that be a possibility for the future?

Yours sincerely, Emma Glen

2 months ago

My name is Smahane, i would like to donate . Is there any brazilian bank you work with so i can deposit there? I dont like to write my card number in sites because here is not safe you know.

2 months ago

Good morning. I would like to make a donation but I can't use the card. Could you please give me your bank number so I can make a bank transfer? Thanks in advance.

Barbara - Easylingua

2 months ago
reply to Jessicaamarillo's post #447

Dear Jessicaamarillo,

Thanks for considering supporting our mission.

Here is some helpful information.

I. Choose your donation type:

1. Monthly recurring donation: Selecting a monthly amount means that you send us a small donation every month, and with your authorization this amount will be debited (=charged) by iSLCollective automatically on the monthly anniversary of the first donation, until of course, you stop your payments. Recurring payment works with PayPal and CCBill, too. Your account will be upgraded to "Supporter" immediately after successful payment.

2. One-time donation: If you select a one-time amount, you will be charged your selected amount only once. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollective Sponsor" immediately after successful payment.

II. Choose your payment provider

1. PayPal: To donate using PayPal, please click on the PayPal logo. The actual payment takes place on PayPal's secure site. If you create a PayPal account, you can also pay with your debit or credit card.

2. Bank Card: To donate using your bank card, select whether you would like to give monthly or just once, then select the amount and where you would like your donation to go. After this you should choose the "BY BANKCARD" option on the next page. Pay securely with your debit or credit card on, the site of our international payment gateway partner. We have chosen CCBill because it is well-known and trustworthy provider for processing electronic payments.

Best wishes,

iSLCollective Team

4 months ago

I don't have paypal or bank card so how can I donate once