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  • Irregular Verbs Patterns - ESL powerpoints
    Irregular Verbs Patterns
    By EduMenezes
    This is a list with the most common irregular verbs patterns. It was made to help students all over the world have a better understanding...
  • Reported Speech - rules and examples - ESL powerpoints
    Reported Speech - rules and examples
    By zailda
    Reported Speech - 22 slides with rules and examples - You can use to introduce the topic or to review it. When reviewing, you can s...
  • Why do I need to be tested? - ESL powerpoints
    Why do I need to be tested?
    By monicaferreira71
    A power point activity following the video on BBC News. The first thing is watch the video and then the teacher can present the topics o...
  • Coffee| Part 2 - ESL powerpoints
    Coffee| Part 2
    By Alina_the_teacher
    This lesson is the 2nd part of the lessons about coffee. The lesson is focused on reading comprehension, encourages discussions and perso...
  • Clothes - ESL powerpoints
    By KatyALC
    PowerPoint presentation with photos of people wearing different articles of clothing. Suitable for review of clothing / accessory vocabul...
  • Guess the answer - ESL powerpoints
    Guess the answer
    By islamado
    1. The objective of this powerpoint presentation gives the teacher an opportunity to interact with the students. 2. The worksheet is a f...
  • Live Beat 2, Unit 6 - Skills Revision, ex. 2 - ESL powerpoints
    Live Beat 2, Unit 6 - Skills Revision, ex. 2
    By gimenaschneider
    This ppt is meant to be used while doing exercise 2 from unit 6 'skills revision'. The idea is to have your Ss inferring meaning and the...
  • Days of Week - ESL powerpoints
    Days of Week
    By teachercarolmas
    This is a very simple presentation about the days of the week the teachers can teach students about today, yesterday and tomorrow, some q...
  • The Tour de France - ESL powerpoints
    The Tour de France
    By jpierse
    Tasks: *Think of as many words as possible related to the theme ”sports”. *Match the words with their definitions. *Look at the pictur...
  • Giving a successful introduction to a course or class (Part 2) - ESL powerpoints
    Giving a successful introduction to a course or...
    By KatungaJay
    These slides fall under the Academic English category. These slides can be used to help the student learn how to give successful introduc...
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words 7 FC/GTDGT - ESL powerpoints
    A picture is worth a 1000 words 7 FC/GTDGT
    By fcerrillo
    According to the images students have to find the relation between these words. They are used to describe people and are part of the g...
  • Grammar: Present Continuous - ESL powerpoints
    Grammar: Present Continuous
    By meechicarri
    This is a powerpoint on Grammar. Topic: Present continuous. You can use it to present the topic or to revise the grammar point. It is als...
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