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  • '' to be'' as a main verb - ESL worksheets
    '' to be'' as a main verb
    By aslisuer
    when do we use the verb 'to be' as a main verb? ın this worksheet students or teacher will be able to categorise the uses of verb to be a...
  • Papers - ESL worksheets
    By ekotinos
    Many exams candidates shake in fear when a Match Headings task appears on their test paper. Really, you should rejoice! With our simple m...
  • A POEM  - ESL worksheets
    A POEM
    By carmen8illan
    This worksheet is for the students of 3rd of Secondary Education but it can be used for other levels. They could choose an image or I giv...
  • Famous Indigenous Australians - ESL worksheets
    Famous Indigenous Australians
    By LukeM74
    Students will read short biographies of 4 famous indigenous Australians and complete various exercises to demonstrate their understanding...
  • Find Someone Who - ESL worksheets
    Find Someone Who
    By chloetagus
    This is a FIND SOMEONE WHO exercise with a grammar focus on ADJECTIVES. Can be used as an Ice breaker or Warmer. This is a group class ac...
  • the starting line - ESL worksheets
    the starting line
    By catalanneta
    It's a worksheet of the lyrics of a song by Keane that i really like. Students have to fill in the gaps and later, look at the dictinar...
  • Pomeranian dog - ESL worksheets
    Pomeranian dog
    By bokicas
    A reading text about Pomeranians - nowadays very popular dog breed. Several facts that could be very interesting for students. Suitable f...
  • J Lo - Marry me - ESL worksheets
    J Lo - Marry me
    By leo2014
    Students will be able to listen and complete the blanks. Great activity to practice listening and writing. It can be used as a warm up or...
  • Yellow by India Arie - ESL worksheets
    Yellow by India Arie
    By Sharyny
    This is a lesson based on a video of the song Yellow by India Arie, not the Coldplay song. It is a good vehicle for discussing associatio...
  • Passive voice and future tenses - ESL worksheets
    Passive voice and future tenses
    By naiaragg08
    With this exercise sheet, you are going to have the opportunity of revising and practising both the passive voice and future tenses. Besi...
  • Present Perfect Song Gap Fill - ESL worksheets
    Present Perfect Song Gap Fill
    By EnglishwithBeats
    This is a gap fill activity for the Present Perfect Song. It includes a range of past participle verbs and vocabulary related to life exp...
  • Lottery Game Q Skills 1  - ESL worksheets
    Lottery Game Q Skills 1
    By Marthajulifdz
    This is a simple lottery game for practicing the vocabulary of Q Skills Unit one book 1. It includes words related to work and it is easy...
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