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  • Social Sciences: President of the USA - ESL worksheets
    Social Sciences: President of the USA
    By ivanus
    Social Sciences: President of the USA. The Powers of the President. What can the President do? The New President of the country. Biog...
  • H/R Speaking Practice - ESL worksheets
    H/R Speaking Practice
    By akenworthy
    A short, silly reading to practice pronouncing "h" and "r". Particularly helpful for Brazilian students. 3 readings per page. I hugged...
  • Research Proposal English Wruting - ESL worksheets
    Research Proposal English Wruting
    By matedire
    A research paper proposal may be a document that a student writes so as to request permission to start a specific sort of reference proje...
  • Conversation Bingo, Conversation Grid - ESL worksheets
    Conversation Bingo, Conversation Grid
    By LesleyLandis
    This is an info gap activity. Students will ask each partner two questions and write shortened answers in the grid. Students will use W...
  • O, 1, 2 conditionals - ESL worksheets
    O, 1, 2 conditionals
    By Jusstysiaak300
    English Grammar Exercises, Conditionals, Exercises to revise for exams, Translation exercises The objective of this worksheet is to revi...
  • Kuthputheen Sentence - ESL worksheets
    Kuthputheen Sentence
    By kuthputheen
    The objective of this worksheet is to understand and correct the sentence structures. This will helpful for me to write simple sentences ...
  • Video lesson worksheet/ Little Mosque OTP Season 1 Episode 3 - ESL worksheets
    Video lesson worksheet/ Little Mosque OTP Season 1...
    By joyfirth
    It is a video lesson worksheet for a comedy show called Little Mosque On the Prairie. If you teach a Muslim group or if you want to focus...
  • Basic Rules Table - ESL worksheets
    Basic Rules Table
    By Americaneng4u
    The objetive of this form is to have a guide in when to add ing to the verb, or instead double letter, change ie to y, this way students...
  • The Horse - Darryl Braithwaite - ESL worksheets
    The Horse - Darryl Braithwaite
    By kushie
    Just a great song that has been so popular around Australia again in recent years with the University set. Emotional song that could ...
  • descriptions exercises - ESL worksheets
    descriptions exercises
    By Grenoil
    The analogies and problems used in these experiments were not specific to any domain of expertise and used fantasy problems relying only ...
  • Top Tricks to Learn English - ESL worksheets
    Top Tricks to Learn English
    By ExpressEngCollege
    This Document has been created to give major tips on how to improve your vocabulary and also to encourage you to keep trying, even though...
  • Possessive case - ESL worksheets
    Possessive case
    By LiBra7
    Students learn how to use nouns in attributive clause (Possessive Case). At first, it helps them to use language more properly and concen...
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