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  • Passive Australian history - ESL worksheets
    Passive Australian history
    By brainfish
    This is a short Gapfill exercise. Students have to fill in the correct passive forms of the verbs in the Simple Past. Suitable from yea...
  • The Wish Ring - Vocabulary and Literary Analysis - ESL worksheets
    The Wish Ring - Vocabulary and Literary Analysis
    By knaka
    This test assesses comprehension of "The Wish Ring," a folktale translated from the German by Anna Eichberg. There are vocabulary in cont...
  • If I were 2nd Conditional practice - ESL worksheets
    If I were 2nd Conditional practice
    By daisyfield
    Ss practice using the 2nd conditional unreal (impossible) or improbable situations. Ask Ss to fill in each category with an answer, expl...
  • Meghan Trainor Lips are moving - ESL worksheets
    Meghan Trainor Lips are moving
    By KatieB
    A song (listening and vocabulary activities) for elementary learners. It can be used to consolidate students' knowledge of the present si...
  • The last American Cow boy - ESL worksheets
    The last American Cow boy
    By p1elle
    Oral comprehension A reality TV show which highlights how hard it is to live in the country-side. This opens a debate on city life vers...
  • Conditional Board Game - ESL worksheets
    Conditional Board Game
    By l542912
    This is a very basic board game to practice and improve your child(rens) or student(s) conditional grammar in a fun activity that will no...
  • Grammar/Vocab Review - ESL worksheets
    Grammar/Vocab Review
    By willwisher
    A worksheet to recycle vocabulary associated with travellers and tourists and to review the future tense (will+infinitive / be going to+v...
  • Australian Bush Tucker - ESL worksheets
    Australian Bush Tucker
    By LukeM74
    This worksheet is a description of some of the native food found in the Australian bush. Students read the information, answer some quest...
  • Some any no - ESL worksheets
    Some any no
    By Didemcik
    The rule of using some, any, no.This table will help you to explain students in a short way how to use this material and i hope it will b...
  • Vocabulary Practice for Book  - ESL worksheets
    Vocabulary Practice for Book
    By NancyEnglish
    Practice your knowledge of the words used in the story. It's a translation exercise for reading comprehension. You can use a dictionary...
  • Ula Ula (The Ethnic Flag) - ESL worksheets
    Ula Ula (The Ethnic Flag)
    By sirhajwan87
    This story was adapted from one of the most symbolic objects among the Bajau community, Ula Ula. Ula Ula was known as the ethnic flag of ...
  • What Do You Do? - ESL worksheets
    What Do You Do?
    By Jesse_Spain
    Writing practice for "What do you do?"/"I\'m a..." Students color and label each picture appropriately. Pictures are of a: singer, farmer...
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