Greetings, My video is completed, however it is still a draft. I'm not sure how I'm going to get it out there. I'd appreciate it if you could assist me. smash karts

I always use some music to attract their attention when I was teaching in Ningbo.

I need to stop donating. I am having money issues at the moment. What can I do?

Can you please tell me how I can download the students' answers. Thank you

Some English students are confused about when to use “There is/are” or “Have”, tending to use “Have” in place of “There is/are”, which impedes communication. The confusion mainly comes from the students’ own language background, therefore it is necessary to explain the difference in meaning between one and the other and how they are being used in different contexts. - check this page

can you delete my account ? username : LyraFatimah



I often teach English in China by letting the kids imitate the dialogue in movies.

Teaching English in China is a good choice. In the booming economy of China, the parents pay more attention to children's education, which makes increase the demand for foreign teachers.

Hi everyone! I have been developing  English esl video lesson plans for adults and teens with questions,  vocabulary and exercises. Topics include social issues, as well as daily conversation topics about health and lifestyle. I hope you find it helpful:)

I would like to donate a mount money but I dont think I can trust when I leave my paypal account or type my password here. Sorry, I dont mean I dont trust you, Only I afraid of hacker  so I need to be careful . How can I do in this case

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