I have a worksheet that I want to add an answer sheet too. Can I add another page? I've tried to edit but I don't see where to just add a page. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for supporting our mission!

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Hi, we have thought about other languages, but life it difficult enough with 6 languages. It's so difficult to manage translations all the time. Maybe if ISL has more revenues we can do that.

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Hi, just tell your students to create a student account. It's 100% free. Have fun!


ISL COLLECTIVES is one of my very favorites! I will be making a donation to this very, very valuable and practical website!
Thank you!

Hi guys, I've seen a great ws in Italian among the new printables today. It already has 4 downloads and I haven't downloaded it yet. Can we have an Italian section, I think there is the demand... I have lots to upload as well... Pleasey-weasey;-))) 

I love your page!!!! Congratulations!!!

I've just put a new video on YOUTUBE: The Landlady - a short horror story by Roald Dahl.  It is in fact two exercises in one.  First part just listen (without seeing the text - good for more advanced students) and the second part - listen again with the text. Hope you and your students enjoy it.


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It's not the answer to your question, which I'm sure one of the iSLC will answer, but have you tried Quizlet? 

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