Speaking English is not  difficult task as I still remember when I was taking class for comptia bundle I face difficult while speaking English but I tried hard as later on after lot of practice I easily can speak English so just work hard it will befit you,

Me too I can't publish my draft video.What shoud I do? Nedd some help. I'd like to use it for the class tomorrow?

I'm having the same problem. editing video is easy and intuitive, but the publishing is not. 


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I also had this type of problem with Grammar, this site really help me improve grammar with good free practice your level! 

Hi guys!


I am looking for people who would be interested in cards/letters exchange:

  • Christmas,
  • Valentines,
  • Easter;
  • About me! (anything ranging from name, age, country, likes, hobbies, routine, etc.)


The kids from my side for the programme exchange are:

  • 1 boy -7 y.o; 188bet đăng nhập
  • 2 boys -10 y.o,
  • 1 boy- 11 y.o,
  • 1 girl- 10 y.o;
  • 2 girls - 12 y.o,
  • 1 girl - 16 y.o

The level is mostly elementary, they can create basic sentences- for the cards these can be sth like small posters :)


For the girl who is 16 y.o , I prefer someone who can describe those celebrations a bit in their country- obviously she knows more than these younger kids :)


So altogether I need 8 people- I prefer you send the message to my inbox, so I collect just the 8 people :)

Btw, we are from Poland.



I don't have paypal or bank card so how can I donate once


Hi, I will make  a small donation from Mexico, how can I do it? Thanks.

Thanks for your sharing, These well be useful as I was teaching in China.

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