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reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #8
We seem to have problems with the preview of some docs.. which worked fine yesterday. Now you can just preview them by clicking on them. Can that be fixed? Best Regards, Carlos
reply to Kisdobos's post #6
Well I mean it is not a question of size because my docs are below the 1 000ko limit (for ESL prinatbles) and yesterday I had to try 4 or 5 times to get my doc right and I think other people had the same problems since the number of new documents is rather low these days and you see that red circle on some of them. So I don't know........, anyway thanks for your great work keeping up the site , cheers Sylvie
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #5
Hi, I will try to give instructions soon, but too much is happening at the same time and I need a bit of time ...
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #5
Hi Sylvie,
It seems it's OK now. Big docs take a while to generate. Is that what you mean? If not, could you please clarify?
reply to Kisdobos's post #3
hi Peter it's me again, sorry , but there seems to be persisting problems in the uploading and preview generation systems . Don't know if you can arrange this , but thanks for trying anyawy!: cheers Sylvie

Hi Peter,
How could we do it? This is rather advanced for me (ISP, blocking,...). Could you give us some simple instructions? I agree with you about this only effective solution.
reply to PATRIALUSITANA's post #1
Hi there,

While this website is really blatant at violating copyright, let me warn you that linking to their site on a big site like, ironically, just makes them stronger and appear higher in Google search results, since Google takes linking as a sign of prominence and popularity. The more prestige a site has where the link is placed, the more useful it is to the site being linked to. So as long as you don't want to help a rogue website, please refrain from linking to it here.

I think what should be done is authors (and other users who care) should send a message through the site's contact form to remove infringing works (but I guess there are thousands of such uploads, so this may be in vain). Also, authors may try contacting the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or domain provider of the website and request blocking. The ISP or domain provider can be found simply online. I looked it up and the ISP is based in Turkey and called "Ihlas Net".

It seems the whole site is based on its creator's anonymity, so I think the only real chance of stopping them is to file for blocking of access with their ISP. While I am not familiar with laws in internet laws in Turkey but I think the more people request blocking, the better the chance that the ISP will take action.

Bless up,
Regarding the Listening Comprehension videos, they were originally PPTs which I converted. You'll find all but one on my page here. One of them was a little too heavy to upload. I'm posting this because it is often easier to use PPTs in class than videos.

Hi Pat,

I've just had a quick look and haven't seen any of mine. Did you have some stolen yourself?

Urgent message:

Some of our ws and ppt were stolen. Please check the following site:
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