American films and TV indicates with subtitles and to repeat what the actors are saying. If you watch suggests on a computer- you can give up and begin the exhibit whilst you repeat the dialog. In addition you can print out the English subtitles for a exhibit and examine them aloud in class (Some film and TV scripts are accessible on line.) And I make them repeat a mispronounced phrase as many instances as it takes till they get it right.


Hello, is it possible to edit the title and description of an uploaded document?

or is it simpler to resubmit?





Thank you all for such an awesome platform. I have 2 questions:


1)What can I do (as activities) if I make donations? Is it enough to make a 15 Pound donation every six months?


2)I want to assign video homework, but I cannot click the assign part. Do I need to be a supporting member

or is there a special way to do it?


Thanks in advance and have a great weekend,


Zeynep Akbas

Hi. I am also relatively new. I cannot assign video lessons to my students because I cannot click anything at "assign homework". Do I need a special membership or is there a special way to do it? 

2 weeks ago
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many thanks

thank you

Hello. I want to assign video lessons as homework but I cannot create a class (I cannot click at the bottom). How can I do it? Do I need special membership to assign homework?

2 weeks ago
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