MONTHLY (RECURRING) DONATIONS In the past a lot of members said that they would gladly send iSLCollective a small monthly donation if we had this option. Now we realized this possibility: this new option is called "monthly" (or: recurring) donation. On our Donate page the default option is "one-time" donation, which means a single donation, but you can also choose a monthly donation, which means you allow iSLCollective to automatically debit your selected amount on your Paypal account once every month. (Monthly recurring donations are only available through PayPal.) You can easily cancel your recurring donation by going to your MyPage/History-support, where - after successful payment - you will find the direct link to your PayPal account and then you can stop your monthly payments with one click. If you can afford, please select this type of donation, as iSLCollective badly needs better financial stability and monthly sponsors are a great way of providing this kind of stability and making our future more plannable. Of course, we are very grateful for one-time donations, too, the point is: Please show your love for iSLCollective now, so we can keep going and improving our service. Thanks a lot! Peter
1 day ago
Site news #161
Dear Colleagues, we have introduced 2 new search filters: "Language exams" and "Dialects". If you upload your worksheet, please make sure to use these filters to tag your printable or powerpoint if they are relevant to your upload. You will find them in the second row of filters in the green bar on the main page. (Click on "See more" on the right to see all search filters.) BTW, our fundraiser will be over in only 12 days, and we've got a long way to go. If you can afford, please consider becoming our sponsor, and help us bring you more cool features this year! Bless up, Peter
reply to matejasukic's post #48
There are dozens of online payment options in the world. We have chosen two of the most popular ones, following in the footsteps of Wikipedia, where you can also pay using PayPal and your bank card. Both options are safe ways to pay. You can check our bank card processor's site here: Thanks if you can support our mission!
Why is not possible to contribute by paying with Paysafecard?
Did you know that as of May 22, 2015 there were: 838,631 members 51,054 printables 6,234 projectables 131 teaching ideas And 75 members who have contributed 2,146 pounds to the 10,000 pounds that are needed for the site to continue to survive and thrive. Think about it.
Happy to donate! I should have done it earlier.
reply to CESTARI's post #43
We recommend trying PayPal in that case. They offer two options: bank card payment or topping up a virtual PayPal account and paying using that. Thanks in advance, Peter
Hello! Glad I succeeded now to donate! Thanks for your great work! Can't tell you how many times it saved me!! Kisses and best wishes! Hope everyone who can donates! Myriam
I tried to donate today twice using different credit cards, but it says both credit cards are blocked and they're not. What should I do?
reply to fabie's post #41
Thanks, you can donate if you click on the Donate menu above. On our Donate page you'll find the PayPal button in the right panel. Peter
1 day ago
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