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2 days ago
3 days ago
reply to Sadie4's post #2
Hi, I checked and there is no waterboys worksheet on iSLCollective. Yet. Maybe you could create and upload the first one.
3 days ago
Must or have to #1
Hi, ı'm a bit confused about must and have to today, should we say " you must stop at red light or you have to stop at red light" ? What should we use for general rules and regulations? Some resources say " you must wear your uniform" some others say " you have to"? Is there only one correct answer for it? Thanks alot.
reply to majkis78's post #2
Hi- It takes some time and patience, but it's definitely do-able. check out the listing on "tutorials for creating worksheets" under grammar. And just do it! Practice makes perfect. And there's nothing more satisfying than creating materials for your students that hit the spot.
Hello everybody,
I just want to ask you , how to create an own worksheet... Thanks a lot ... Maria
1 week ago
Hi, guys

I'm looking for worksheets on any song by the Waterboys. I am giving a formative course on English through music and I'd like to work with them!

If anyone knows where I can find some Waterboys worksheets, please, let me know. I'd really appreciate it!


2 weeks ago
Search resources #4
reply to Kisdobos's post #3
Oh, I see. You just type the more general term and then you narrow down the search using the appropriate fliters. You've been very helpful. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!
2 weeks ago
Search resources #3
reply to serene's post #1
Dear Serene,

When you don't get enough results, it usually means your search term is too narrow. Try searching for a broader search term, in this case for "Halloween" instead of "Halloween games":

This time you will get 441 results.

Now you can narrow it down using an item from the Material type filter, e.g. "games" and you will end up with 61 results:

Another search tactic can be to select "Halloween" from the vocabulary filter and couple it with "games", which in this case will yield 58 results:

I hope this helps.

Bless up,
2 weeks ago
Search resources #1
Hello, I've typed "Halloween games" in the search box and only two worksheets appeared in the results although there are a lot of Halloween Games on the site. Is this only happening to me or do you think there might be a bug or something? Have a good day/night!
3 weeks ago
Site news #256

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We know it's difficult to remember your login name to all the websites you use, since you can't always stick with the same user name across different websites, as someone else may have already called dibs on your preferred user name. We run into the same problem ourselves on other websites.

Therefore, to help casual users log in with less hassle, we developed a new feature: if you prefer not to use your Facebook or Google account to log in but your user name/password combo, from now on you can also use your email address (the one that you registered on iSLCollective with) instead of your user name.

We hope this will make logging in even easier to a lot of folks.

Bless up,

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