reply to littlscone18's post #1
Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I put down your request on the feature waiting list. Bless up, Peter
4 days ago
Pirate site? #11
reply to Kisdobos's post #10
Thank you. Hope he shows some respect to all of us.
Hello! Thank you again for your great work. The worksheets I save in my Favorites are numerous and now I'm looking for a way to order them. But the choice I have is only done according to the general settings and not mine. For instance if I want to order them by the newest, that does not mean they are classified according to the last I saved but to the last posted on the site and so I spend some time to look for a specific worksheet since I have nearly 10 pages of them...Any possibility to change that according to my preferences? Thank you!
5 days ago
Pirate site? #10
reply to Mulle's post #9
I was contacted by the website owner. He removed a bunch of infringing worksheets already, and I asked him to remove all remaining ones.
1 week ago
Pirate site? #9
reply to kohai's post #4
I just discovered this site because I had a mail from that peticular person asking me to upload my worksheets there to get that person's website started. And them I found some of mine there. I am actually quite annoyed with it! Mulle
1 week ago
Pirate site? #8
reply to Kisdobos's post #7
This person has uploaded some of my works and taken the islcollective logo off. I have written to her asking for them to be taken down. Have a look to see if any of your works have been copied and altered. This 'copying' seems to be on the up lately. Google your own works and see if they come up on other sites without attributing you the merit of the work done.
1 week ago
Pirate site? #7
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #6
Hi Sylvie, the flagging seems to be broken once again. Can you please send the reports directly to info at islcollective dot com, including the URL of the originals?
Thanks, Peter
1 week ago
Pirate site? #6
reply to Kisdobos's post #5
Hi to all the team members
sorry to bother but today are four worsheets which are coiped from other people's work, I reported them but.....
Cheers, Sylvie
1 week ago
Pirate site? #5
reply to kohai's post #4
Thanks for the help! I think the authors cited should all file a removal request of this blog from Google rankings on copyright violation grounds. Any other suggestions?
2 weeks ago
Pirate site? #4
3 weeks ago
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