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reply to foulila's post #26
Sorry to hear that. We have seen cases like this before, both online and offline. It is indeed very annoying as an author. It is only through the joint and vocal effort of those affected and the broader community of users that such unauthorized commercial uses can be stopped. I suggest you organize a group on Facebook and try to put pressure on the publisher via this group.<br /> Bless up,<br /> Peter
Hi Peter. I found my worksheet and colleagues worksheets uploaded and printed in a format of a book which is being sold recetly here in Algeria. I was really shocked to see my work and my colleagues work in that book. <br /> What shall I do to stop that.<br /> thank you.<br /> ps: I can take the worksheets in photos to show you what is happening here in Algeria.<br />
reply to Misstylady's post #1
Dear Colleague,<br /> Thank you for your notice, our technical team is working hard to fix the problem.<br /> Best wishes,<br /> Zsuzsa
Hi..where do find a specific author work ...two days ago I was able to go to their info then click on my creation,however now everytime I do that I get my own creations. Thanks
reply to Kleopatra12345's post #24
We have a little glitch, so some of you may not see an Upload worksheets menu. You can reach the upload form here: <br /> <br /> (For the German platform the link is: <a href=""></a>)<br /> <br /> Sorry about it. We&#39;re working on it.<br /> <br /> Bless up,<br /> Peter
reply to allegon's post #7
Hi, did you get a captcha on the first download or was after like 50 downloads that day?
Hi ! Peter i have a problem antispam system is asking to write down letters and number on the screen , but the picture is sooooo small i can barrely see it , let alone numbers or letters.
reply to serene's post #22
Everything is OK now, Peter. I deleted and reuploaded my powerpoint and all is well now.

Hello Peter,
It's been over an hour since I uploaded a powerpoint presentation and the preview hasn't been generated yet. Could you see to it, please?
Thank you!

I need some help with a carol "Riding along in my sleigh", although I listened to it several times there are some words I don't understand. It starts with "we'll ride through the snow and we'll ...."
Thank you very much!

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