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Penpals #13
reply to Martya's post #12
Hello dear friend,
I am from the Czech republic and teaching kids in A1 level and realy like your idea to swap email with your students.
Here is my email: perscheslavka@seznam.cz
I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
Hi Paula,
I'm in China my students are like 8 or 9, I would love to participate in this project.

Best Learning Shenyang
reply to james33's post #1
Dear James,

Sorry for the delay, it's done!
Best wishes,
1 week ago
Penpals #12
Hello everybody,
My name is Marta and I am from Argentina. I work with a group of teachers in a private English Language institute in a small city in the centre of the country. I'm looking for penfriends for my students who are A1 level, there are also other groups ( lower and higher levels than mine) that would like to swap emails with students from all over the world. We teach students at all level an ages. Please let me know if you are interested in starting a penpal programme with us.
I'm looking forward to your answer.
Warm regards.
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Sorry for the 'familiar sight' too.
reply to lesleymisano's post #17
Tanti saluti, sorry for the typo
Couldn't you eliminate the All-time statistics completely and leave just the monthly statistics? By definition they are about time, not necessarily quality. Saying this, I'm convinced that the statistics page is read prevalently by regular uploaders and not by new downloaders who come to this site searching for material they are not capable of producing themselves. I must admit that I haven't uploaded anything for months, but my aim was to help people who do not have the time or the language skills necessary to upload ws, and when I receive comments saying I have made their and their students' lives easier then I know I have reached my goal. People who log in regularly to this site don't need statistics to tell them who dedicates their passion, know-how and communication skills to creating worksheets, because their logos become a familiar site.
Lynne you are a perfect example of a dedicated, competent uploader and, in my opinion, no-one is more suited to editing a magazine than you are.
Tanti saulti da una soleggiata Italia.
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Hi Peter,

That sounds great! Let's give this a bit of thought over the weekend - I wonder whether any more colleagues will comment on here at this point? It's a good idea to start off small as you say, see how it's received. In fact, small is good! I think once you get to two pages, it can be off-putting. I like the ideas you have suggested. I would be delighted to start it off and then, anybody wanting a turn to edit, could do so...

Have a good weekend, all.


reply to MrsFrobisher's post #14
A small magazine section is a good idea, we could put it on the main page somewhere. Would you be interested in being charge of it, something like an editor? The person who does this could perhaps do an interview with the contributor of the month, or suggest a topic to solicit articles about, decide which article to run. We can solicit articles in a notification on the top (instead of the video lesson notif). At first this could be a very small section, maybe just one new article per week or two weeks, until we see how it's received by the colleagues.

As for the vote, I will rearrange the upvote and downvote buttons so that the total points is seen next to the upvote button.
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