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well, i did not find the textbox on the last site and now its all in the title.

(that i have to submit a new topic before i can write the first post is kind of confusing for newbies, i guess)
3 days ago
uploading #40
Thanks Peter :)
3 days ago
uploading #39
I have deleted the flagged materials, explained the rules and issued a warning to the user. Please flag all materials that are not original, and I will take care of them, too
Bless up,
4 days ago
uploading #36
Thank you Lynne :)
4 days ago
uploading #35
reply to rmartinandres's post #34
Hi Rosa,

I have just red-flagged these materials, too.
4 days ago
uploading #34
What really annoys me is that someone who hogged the front page yesterday with 24 worksheets is doing the same today but with duplicated and copyrighted materials. I have already red-flagged them. He is not new here although he hadn't uploaded before. This shoudn't happen.
5 days ago
uploading #33
Don't you think that 24 worksheets a day is too many for an uploader? Well, perhaps he hasn't finished "sharing" yet...
6 days ago
new tab #2
reply to jannabanna's post #1
Hi Janet, I am not quite clear about what you mean here. Could you please clarify this more?
reply to loveteaching's post #2
@ Yvonne,

When you google for images, there is a tools button that lets you choose usage right level (most images in google are not licensed for reuse, but you can find legal images using the license button).

Also, to be safe, you can check the terms of use for clip art sites.
1 week ago
new tab #1
Hi Péter,

Would it be possible to add another tab when looking for our own worksheets. If and when I need to update something it doesn't always come up in the search section (I don't know why) so I have to go through all of them in order to find it. What would be handy would be a tab for an alphabetic search. Does anyone else have this problem on the site?

6 days ago
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