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Look at site news 144 , there you find what you need. Have a nice weekend.
Hi, I have uploaded the same worksheet twice, I want to delete the first one without the pictures but I don't know how. Can you please advise me how to delete it? Thanks
  • Several fun and educational interactive games
  • Easter jokes
  • Listening comprehension exercises
  • Interactive Easter Egg Hunt

100 Easter Crafts for Kids
  • Easter interactive wordsearch

Find your Easte Bunny name...

Easter Bonnets

Easter cartoons
  • Easter Puppet show
  • Easter animated card

n Unique favor bag in 6 different Easter bunny free DOWNLOADABLE designs

n Easter tumble bunnies (toy)


n Easter cupcake wraps and toppers for DOWNLOADING

  • Easter Egg Hunt Song
  • Bunny song

n Easter Pooch Concert (Easter Song with Dogs Playing Instruments)
  • Song

n Several Interactive Easter Stories

n Easter Egg history - video and video script

n The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny – video
n Animated Easter Stories

n An Easter Tale

10 Extraordinary Easter Celebrations
  • Easter around the world
  • Good Friday around the world

Palm Sunday

Easter week around the world

n Hot cross buns recipe video

n Chocolate-Peanut Easter Eggs - recipe video

n Easter bunny cupcakes recipe

n Marzipan Easter Eggs recipe

n Easter Bread recipe
  • Easter Lamb recipe
Let's face it, smartphones are here to stay. Nearly all of my pupils now own an advanced smartphone.
How do you make use of this "computer" in your teaching?
Do you have any smart apps you can recommend?
What smartphone video editing app can you recommend for Android users?

Personally I try to have an open mind, and I try to let the pupils use their smartphones for more than just google for answers. One thing they really enjoy, is quizzes on (highly recommended).
We also have some fun doing exercises with qr-codes, or filming short movies like commercials or news broadcasts.

Thanks for your answers.
3 days ago
Site news #150
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Well, apparently , it's been a long time since I last came on the forum!!!(busy weeks) so I am happy for both being the 50000 upload and for the number or members reached by the site. Keep up the good work dera Peter and you all and thanks Mishqui for your congratulations
cheers , Sylvie!:)))
5 days ago
Site news #149
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A big thank you for all the team's work. I'm really fond of being part of this fantastic community!
5 days ago
Site news #148
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5 days ago
Site news #147
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Congratulations to the en.islcollective Team!! I'm proud of being a member of this site!!


5 days ago
Site news #146
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Thanks to your precious work. Thank you
5 days ago
Site news #145
Dear Colleagues!

We have just reached 800,000 registered members on the site! It's nice to be part of such a big family.

Bless up,

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