Please delete my account.

thanks for sharing this great Post i really like it Hindi lyrics

I want to know what is the name of the program that they used to create a video 

I have a suggestion for the website, i think adding a chat box or chat window to the front page would be great, the site has plenty of visitors and activity but options for users to interact arent that great, forum is kinda dead but the chat box is visible, easy to use, i dont see any downsides to it.

I wanted to start a new topic about this but i cant its bugged, i can only see the title and tags fields, so im writing this here, its the closest topic to my suggestion.

My question is. I created the video on another account and now I "copied-edited" it. But I can't embed it because it won't publish the video. I want to publish it. What can I do?


Yesterday I advised someone to delete her wws because they were copyrighted scanned pages and that is illegal according to the terms of use. I also red-flagged them as we usually do. If she is using this book with her own students, she should use another way.

Her answer was to write on my wall rude comments. I would like those comments to be deleted. 

Hello, I would like to delete my account too. Thanks.

Hello Isl collective Team !  I Couldn't log in because i forgot my password . So I made a new registration with a new username  and a new password .However my first account (senoussim) is still functioning . I don't understand . I really want to get back my uploaded worksheets. Is that possible ? thanks a bunch . 

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