reply to liette's post #35
Me too, but it's Ok. I loved to share, but now it is finished.

Hello dear colleagues,
As we are many to go back to school tomorrow ( Northern countries ;-))) - I'm sending links to lesson plans for teachers ( from Michelle Henry's site )
I hope they'll be useful.
Have a great new school year!
reply to mamartins's post #34
I can - easily ...But, I've been shot.
I survived.
How about YOU ????
Thx for your comment - People don't seem to use the Forum these days ; a real shame : it's an open window to democracy. Thank you, Peter.
reply to liette's post #33
You'r great. I really feel like you. But we can´t say these things here, isn't it?
Dear Rosa,
No need to feel guilty or upset ; just like you, I wonder how I could report a stolen ws - when ..."nothing" seems to be happening here. I didn't know how many "red flags" are needed ; I feel we need a link - just like the one you have provided - to check ...and report / or not.
I've reported many ws which still are on the site - maybe / surely...because there was just one notice ..?
There's even one I've reported many times with a "F.... you" comment / ....It is still here... I sometimes wonder if we are ALL educators on board...
Sooooooooo, I thank you for telling us - even if the Forum seems to be as dead as ever!
But no one needs people like me - I understand!! ;-))
There's no anger - but ...still ...the feeling that "taking without giving" is NOT one of the best of choices..:-(((
From a,
Have a great "back-to-school time",
Sorry, Peter, but I didn't know how to inform other members to report a ws - since two red flags are needed - when I can only use my mobile phone (I'm used to using my laptop and not the phone). Rosa
reply to rmartinandres's post #25
Dear All, let me kindly ask you to please use the red flag button for reporting worksheets, and save this forum for discussions about teaching English. All reports we receive through red flagging are dealt with in a timely manner, none of them go ignored. Thank you, Peter
Thank you. I'm not very good at using isl on my phone.
reply to rmartinandres's post #26
I've red flagged it for you. It's easy - just click on the red flag icon along the top of the ws, then copy and paste the url of the ws it is copied from.
This worksheet had been mostly copied: I'm using my mobile phone and I don't know how to red-flag it. I uploaded the original ws as "Melissa's Trip to London".
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