Quiero eliminar mi cuenta hoy

Nombre de usuario: LucianaThaissa

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Donations are welcome anytime!

Will you still accept donations after the new site is lalunched?

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Thanks for your appreciative message. Obviously too difficult for you to donate right now, but that's OK. Why not donate one of your own creations- that's just as valuable. 

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Hi! Write to [email protected] for advice and why your history hasn't been changed to Supporting Member.

Hi there! Yesterday (01/05/2022) I donated 15 € for the first time, but my current membership history hasn`t been changed to a "Supporting member". I`m just wondering if there is a mistake... The thing is that I`d like to change the amount of my future monthly donations, but I can`t find the way how to do it if my membership history is " you haven`t been a Supporting Member yet". Could you please help? . Thanks in advance.

Dear Peter

Thank you for your service and great efforts. You have been of great help to me and my students. 

Thanks to all the distinguished members who have been involved in the various activities. 

I donated yesterday! This website is really useful, I just love It! Your work is really worth! 


Can you please delete my account ?

My username is Mi91


Dear Peter, I trully want to donate to help you but our (Argentinian) money is severely devaluated and the cost of a coffee to you is a lot to us, not even mentioning the part where teachers are underpaid. The soon I have the oportunity to colaborate, I´ll do so! Promise. I wish you nothing but the best of lucks!

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