7 years ago
Hi guys,

First, congrats on this website! I use it quite often and have uploaded stuff.

Second, please improve the editing function. The preview of the worksheet - the picture - does not change after editing/resubmitting the sheet, e.g.


Keep on the good work

Walter, Austria

7 years ago
reply to tuanwalter's post #1
Hi, thanks for pointing out the edit bug, I can see it. We're gonna fix it ASAP. Peter
7 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Thanks. It's working now. Have a nice festive season!
7 years ago

7 years ago
reply to vlindertje's post #4
Sorry, it still is not working - "to a task" - "to two tasks" although I have submitted the sheet again.
7 years ago
Merci pour la période d'essai, mais c'est un désastre chez moi....IMPOSSIBLE
7 years ago
reply to vlindertje's post #6
Mainetenant c'est bon. C'est la vie - avec les ordinateurs : )
7 years ago
reply to tuanwalter's post #7
Dear All,

The fixes are on the way, it's just that the Christmas holidays are slowing down things a bit, but please bear with us, and soon all the problems will be solved.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!
7 years ago
Hi Peter & team,
I'm glad I'm a "premium" member" ... :-))) Not for the new & many functions I can now have ....but just for the sake of supporting this wonderful site - & your hard work. I just don't understandand people complaining - when they can get free ws....always seeing the dark side, maybe ????
Whenever you don't feel like giving money to Peter to help him - you just can....
Whenever you feel like you can help, you just can, as well, by being a premium member - just what I did. I do not really see what the problem is, except from people who are NEVER satisfied.... their own right....
I JUST love the new features & improvements, but - above all - I like to think I'm helping you, guys.
This IS the reason why I became a premium member : just to be of some help......
I wish you all a happy new year, full of Light & Harmony.

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