7 years ago
Hi dear All,
I need your help ;-))) I've been trying - in vain :-((( - to upload a ws on the French site ( a ws I uploaded on the English page a long time ago, but translated into French...), but I got the following message : ' Please, do not upload ws belonging to other members' ....! I don't understand, as I 've been a member of both sites ( English & French ).Though I have never uploaded on the French site, I wish I could do it....( Hi, Anne ;-)))) And.....I have 'made' a new ws, ie = new language, ....
Are we allowed to upload the 'same ' - somehow - ws - ie with a different language - on the other pages , or not ???? ( I 'd understand if we can't = No problem!)
Again, I don't really get what 's wrong with my trying to upload....Any ideas ???
Thx a lot,
Have a great weekend ( Teachers in France are going back to school next Monday....)
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Thanks for drawing our attention to this. Someone already told me about this bug. Of course, you can upload your wss on another platform. The error message got mixed up. We're trying to find what's causing this.
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Actually, I just tried to upload on the French site, and it went all right for me. Could you tell me more details about it?

First, please send me the file to my email so we can look at it.

Second, could you please visit this site and send me a screenshot of it please? Or alternatively, there is a form on the bottom of that page using which you can send us all the details we need.

Thank you!
7 years ago
Oh....! Thx, Peter!
That was really quick!!! I've just sent you a mail about this - please forget it! ;-))) As I am telling you in the mail : It is JUST about ws, not ...LIFE ...!!!;-)))
No problem with some kind of 'delay' : we all know - do we all ? Ha! Ha! - that you are working a lot!!!
When solved, maybe you could post - or add the question in the FAQ...? - so that we won't bother you, again & again!
Have a great weekend ( PLEASE, take some time off - we'll survive! .....;-))))
Hope everyone understands the great job you are all doing,
Best wishes from France,
7 years ago
PS : going to answer your questions ( we were posting at the same time !) Please, hang on....
7 years ago
PS2 : mail's just been sent! ;-)))
Have a great weekend - I'll kind of 'survive' if you do not solve my problem within some days....It is just .... you'll either get shot or poisoned...:-S ! Ha! Ha !
If I may, YOu - too - are allowed to get some free time, right ? ;-)))
Sylv' :-)))
7 years ago
Sorry, I didn't mean to post that twice. :/ Feel free to delete one of them.
7 years ago
I said delete ONE of them, not both! But it doesn't really matter any more, it's all working for me now. ;)

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