7 years ago
Hello Peter,

I can't upload a powerpoint file... I've been trying for a week now but unsucessfully.
The feedback after submitting my uploaded file is the following: " we had problem saving your data".
Thanks for your help!

Happy New Year ;)
7 years ago
reply to beebee's post #1

Are many others who have been having upload problems recently? We can't reproduce the Saving error, nor the accompanying mistaken error message ("You may not upload works belonging to others"). We need to be able to replicate the problem so we can have a clue about where to look in the code.

So if you have been affected, could you please send us an email to support [at] islcollective [dot] com?

First, please send me the file to my email so we can look at it.

Second, could you please visit this site and send me a screenshot of it please? Or alternatively, there is a form on the bottom of that page using which you can send us all the details we need.

Thank you

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