8 years ago
I think it's fun to make printables/worksheets, and I find it very satisfying that people like them and download them. But, what about a forum thread where people can make wishes?!? I'm curious to know what kind of worksheets, topics or similar the users of the site want - maybe some of us can help out by making something people want - and I would be even more motivating for me to make something I know people are looking for...or am I the only one with these thoughts?!? :)

8 years ago
Excellent idea!
8 years ago
That sounds like a good idea to me. As you said have a thread where people can leave a message saying what they need (if they haven't found it on the site, of course!) and when they need it for. I've often looked for something in particular when I've been busy and not found it, so why not?

8 years ago
Yes, let's create a Wish List. That would be motivating for the creators and provide the worksheet that a teacher is searching for. Often that very worksheet is on the site, but the search does not locate it or one doesn't have the time to unearth it. The creator could then send a link.
8 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #4
I am looking for TOIEC speaking and vocabulary sheets. - Kate
8 years ago
That's a great idea!!! Right now, I am looking for something related to Maritime classes. It will be of great help!!
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
Dear Janet:

Thank you so much for your help!!!
8 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some worksheets/resources/websites on Japanese Manga and Anime history and/or facts.

Please help!

7 years ago

Here are some more free TOEIC tests:

This is a full listening test on youtube:

Good luck!

I live in Japan so I see a lot of this type of stuff, I'm pretty sure I've seen a Japanese language website where they try to teach using Manga. I'll find it and post here later.
7 years ago

ISL collectables are a fantastic resource when it comes to the beginner or low level learner. I would like to thank everyone for their worksheets which my students love.

But I have a small problem. The worksheets for the young learners are often in the form of pictures, which as we know, are worth thousands of words. However, here in Europe we use size A4 paper, which is shorter than standard US. (I am not sure of it's correct designation.) To make these sheets printable on A4 I have to resort to copying and pasting and often lose the bottom lines - or the pictures, which the kids love.

We have no choice in using A4. The students folders are all that size. I know to the wonderful US contributors leaving a gap at the bottom of the sheet would seem wrong, but please bear us European teachers in mind when compiling your worksheets.

I hope no one sees this as a complaint. It's just a comment. And again I would like to thank all the contributors for their hard work.

7 years ago
reply to Richardksa's post #12
There is a simple solution to different size pages.The solution is to convert the document to PDF. Then you can print it using the "fit" button on the print screen.

I love using islCollective documents from around the world. I hope you can use this suggestion to be able to use any document you desire from any part of the world.

Blessings, Jann
7 years ago
That's a great idea! But I couldn't find anything in my Windows7 to covert the document. And I'm one of those people who had many documents not in the A4 format- I fixed as many as I could. It would be helpful if everyone would choose the A4 format found under Size on the Format tab from now on. There is a free document converter that I use to save important documents and I just used to convert that pesky document which was impossible to change into A4: : http://www.dopdf.com/ Worked perfectly! Thanks, Jann!
7 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #14
In Windows7 it is under the Save As button. (save as PDF or XPS) Unfortunately if I choose A4 format for my documents when I create them, they are too long for the paper we use in the US or in Mexico. Sometimes I have to reformat an A4 document, but usually I just make it a PDF. Once you have a PDF document you can't reformat it, so make any changes you want on the original document, then convert it. I hope this will help many teacher around the world so we can continue using each other's documents.

7 years ago
Hi everyone
I would like to write some suggestions about the printables.They are really amaizing,colorful and full of pictures.But printing them for my lessons in those outlook would be so expensive.Therefore i must reformat to print them.And it takes me a hard job,but i think for the uploader,too.Wouldn't it be easer to make them in any simplier format?
7 years ago
reply to jann's post #13
Jann, thank you for your advice.
On my computer I use Ashampoo Office, which I recommend(!), and found that if I "Export to PDF" I can print the document without losing any. For a test I chose one on weather that used every available space on the sheet - and I got the lot.
7 years ago
reply to Agi49's post #16
I totally agree with Agi49. We should consider that most of us print the wss in B&W. It's not only more expensive but also more difficult to read the texts when the backgrounds are coloured. Maybe we could make two pages, one in colour and the other one in B&W. Anyway, keep sharing and thank you so much for your contributions. Have a nice day.
7 years ago
reply to Herber's post #18
Hi Herber, I agree with you. I add a B&W worksheet. I know many colleagues can't afford colour worksheets. Nice weekend.
2 years ago

Recently I have been adding Power Points that I have used over the years in a variety of settings ranging from kids classes to adult business English classes, to find out what teachers are most interested in. I have found that resources dealing with adult themes and Business English get the smaller number of downloads whilst the ones aimed at Beginners and kids, with lots of easy to follow graphics, get the most downloads.

2 years ago

Hello everyone. I’m a 5th grades English teacher. I would like to make an online lesson with the students from another country. Our students can meet online and chat. We live in Turkey.

Anyone interested in? Please send me an e-mail. [email protected]

1 year ago

I think that a separate forum thread on the creation of papers will be relevant. Many people want to share their work or ask for help. After all, this topic has not been fully disclosed.

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