7 years ago
Hello dear Team,
There seems to be a problem with sending a comment ( with ws ). I've just uploaded ws about films, & I wasn't able to write a nice comment - nor even send a "thank you". I just wonder why ???? I've tried several times, but it won't work! :-(((
Just to let you know ;-))
Have a nice day,
7 years ago
PS ( ! ) : same with the pms!!! I've just mailed colleagues to thank them, but not one message has been sent ......!
Soooooo, Many thanks to : foxi123, kisdobos, gdoraz, and alustriel...
I just 'hate' it when not able to thank ;-)))
7 years ago
Please help!....
It's soooooooooo annoying to get great stuff from people - & not be able to thank them!! I sent you mails, but I doubt you received them...
Soooooo, again, thx to Anarti & colleagues for their wonderful ws ....
What's happening ? Am I the only one with this pb ????
Sorry to bother you - again! - but I wish I could thank people....
Could you please have a look ???
7 years ago
eg : I've just downloaded Anarti's ws question words & Herber's PPT dora ....& wrote comments to thank them both ....BUT, nothing appears, though I could download their great work.
I also downloaded many of Anarti's & herber's work, but wasn't able to send a Thank you note....
I do think it is important, & though I mailed you, I doubt you got my message, as my pms doesn't work - either....
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #3
Hi Sylvie,

I did get your email, and replied to it. I tested your account and I could post a Thank you alright. Do you get the usual confirm message after clicking the Thank you button? Also, you need to refresh the page in order to see the Thank you. Did you make sure to do that?


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