7 years ago
Dear All!

I have good news for all those colleagues who couldn't pay by PayPal:

now you can pay with your bank card.

Just go to the Fundraiser page, and click on the "Pay by bank card" button. Our trusted bank card partner is a major, international payment gateway called PayU. You can use both a credit or a debit card. The actual payment takes place on PayU's secure site.

If you kindly support us, it will be a one-time subscription, not a recurring one. Any currency is accepted (it will be exchanged by the bank to euro).

Thank you,
7 years ago
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7 years ago
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Hi Nelida,

Thanks a lot for asking. When you make a bank transfer, please make sure to include your iSLCollective user name in the “comment line” so we know whose account to upgrade.

We upgrade user accounts manually, which is a much slower process than the other two methods. If you'd like to speed it up, please also send us an email including both your real name and user name. You can also tell us if you would like your name to be on the list of supporting members.

Our bank account details:

Name: iSLCollective Kft.
Address: Hungary, 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Dorottya utca 26/D
Bank: OTP Bank
IBAN: HU32117010042024452500000000

Bless up,
7 years ago


Dear Colleagues!

Our members have been great, we've raised more a fair portion of our budget needed for 2014! :) Thank you very much!

Since so many of you have informed us from the start that PayPal refused to work for you, we introduced an international bank card payment option (PayU). Its integration was a bumpy ride so we only managed to launch it for the last days of the Fundraiser. So we've given the campaign a few more days to go to compensate for lost time.

With your help now, we can reach our entire funding goal! Please show your love for iSLCollective by making a small, non-recurring contribution! (Any currency is accepted, it will be exchanged by your bank to euro.)

Thank you,
7 years ago
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For an indefinite time, we have switched off bank card payments because based on the record of 7 days, 60% of all the members who tried to use it couldn't - for technical reasons. On a technical side, PayU has no idea why. I'm a bit disappointed, but there's not much else to do: we'll look for another bank card payment option. I

n the meantime, you can help us reach our funding needs via PayPal. Still several hundred more supporters are needed. Hope we can make it.

Bless up,
7 years ago
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I send my contribution with no problem. Thaks for the site. I would like to know the difference between a honorary member and a suppporting member. thanks
7 years ago
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Hi, our all time top 100 authors who have added the most value to iSLCollective are the ones that have been given the title 'Honorary member' to celebrate their contribution. We call those who contribute financially so the site can pay its operating costs are Supporting members or Sponsors. Both types of members can enjoy the same benefits, e.g. large preview, favoriting, etc.
7 years ago
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Hi Peter,
I´m glad to belong this page. It IS JUST WHAT I nedded. I have a question. Do I have to pay something for anything I downlowed?
Thanks for ANSWER .
7 years ago
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Hi there,

we're glad to find the site useful. No, it's a free site. You don't have to pay anything. However, if you can support us in our mission by joining our ongoing Fundraiser (two days left). You can become a Supporting Member for either 1 month, 3 months or 6 months by pledging 5, 10 or 15 euros. In return, you will also get to access extra features, like full screen previews or the printing button.

Once again, it's only voluntary. You can also keep downloading stuff free of charge.

Enjoy the site,
7 years ago
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You guys have been great! :) Thank you to all the 709 colleagues who have kindly made a pledge during our Fundraiser for 2014! We appreciate that very much! While we couldn't collect all the funds needed for this year, it's been a huge leap toward achieving financial security for this year.

Thank you also to all those several hundred other colleagues, who have tried to, but couldn't make PayPal or PayU work! Admittedly, PayPal is not a working option for all types of cards and countries. This is why we invested work into a new bank card payment option, but users turned out to be running into problems with that, too, due to factors outside our control. For all the obstacles, we're not gonna give up on this. We are going to try a third option: we have pending applications with other bank card companies, and hopefully it's just a matter of weeks till we will have a working solution on the site. Please check back later, we will announce it once you can use it.

The Fundraiser is now officially over, but we hope in the coming weeks and month we can collect enough Supporting Members. You can become one all year round by clicking the menu "Support ISL", and that's also where you can renew your expired membership if you wish to continue supporting the site in the future and have access to full screen preview and the other features available to Supporters.

In the meantime, we have already started reworking the site from the foundations, and we are going to recode the entire code basis in order to make our search engine faster and smarter giving you better results, and to be able to host new resources formats, e.g. interactive online exercises, Prezis, Smartboard files. This is a huge undertaking that's gonna require a great many months, but we're dedicated to building a site for you that takes advantage of all the new technological possibilities opening up for educators.

Thanks a bunch again for allowing us to continue our work this year!

Peter and the iSLCollective Team
7 years ago
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Hi Peter & team!
I wish people could take - let's say 3 minutes ;-))) to click on the Support ISL tag, & read about your wonderful team!! You guys are doing such a great job!
I think it's a great idea to introduce your team to us,and let us know a bit more about you all ....
From the very beginning, I've always loved your idea of free downloading, and helping if you can...;-)))
As I can, I'll do my best.
I do hope that people who can will do the same. Some just pop in & take ; some upload a lot of their work ; some try to help you with their money (...) ; some come here & help colleagues on the Forum ....etc. :-)))
Again, as a full-time teacher ( ! = I just don't understand how you can cope, dear Peter ! ) - I thank you for your dedication!
Remember dear members : small contributions go a long way !! ;-))
Best wishes to All,
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #12
Thanks a lot for the good wishes, Sylvie!

Indeed, it's nice to see that in our ecosystem of educators those who want to take an active part all find their means of service, through the forum, uploading their work or helping with financing the site. While all are important, during the fundraiser the last service is naturally the one in the spotlight. We will talk about the Supporting Membership a bit more this year, because we got close, but we haven't reached our entire goal. Still I hope that now we can focus again on those who enrich the site with their intellectual work. We will do our best for that while we work on rebuilding the search engine and the site foundations. As for me, I can cope alright since it gives me enormous motivation to see how many people need this site, and give back for the benefits they found here, and how we can be a platform where teachers are encouraged to share with each other for the good of their students.


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