7 years ago


We have spent the last few weeks increasing the site speed. We released the new developments today, and I am proud to announce that the site is waaay faster than it used to be!

Some averaged data showing the improvement:
Old New
Main page 5.4 sec 2.1 sec
Download pages 4.4 sec 1.8 sec
Search results 4,4 sec 2.0 sec
Members page 11.4 sec 1.6 sec
We achieved the largest improvement on the Members page, which used to be incredibly slow, and now it's a stunning 1.6 seconds!

Of course, I'm happiest about the impressive loading times for search results and download pages, since that's what we use most intensively, and it really matters when we're in a rush to prepare for the next class.

Please test the speed from your country

We'd appreciate some feedback from you in a response to this post:

City, Country, loading times for: 1. main page, 2. download page, 3. search results page
So for example: Budapest, Hungary: main page: 2.1, download page: 1.8, search results: 2.0 sec

To get consistent results from your measurement, pls use these links:
This particular download page
This particular search result page

Thanks to Balint and the entire tech team for this!

Bless up,
7 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
You're right it's really quick. It's much better now. Thank you.
7 years ago
Cherbourg, France : main page : 1.5 ; download page : 0.5 ; search : 2 ( approx ;-))
really quick!!!
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #3
The same for my hometown, Genova, In Liguria region, in the north of Italy. Really fast, thanks!
7 years ago
Everybody knows that this site is really great. We have a wonderful team. (Thanks to Peter and all the other helpers.)
But it is not all. I found a lot of friends here. But there is a very special one. She helped me and other members a lot. Thank you Michela1!
She wrote a mail to me:
“Hi Petra, I'm glad to help you and all the Russian teachers! love Michelaxxxxxx”
Happy Easter to all of you !
7 years ago
reply to Energy's post #5
HI Petra! I really, really thank you for your kind words! I'm also thankful for this wonderful site/team! Happy Easter to all of you and your dears! Love Michela from Genova, Italy
7 years ago
What's happened to the site? It's so SLOW, it's been getting slower and slower over the last few days. I don't think it's coming from my end because all the other sites I use are really fast (my browser is CHROME). Has anyone else experienced this?

6 years ago
reply to jannabanna's post #7
6 years ago
reply to jannabanna's post #7

Dear Janet,

Yesterday we had some server issues. Is the problem still exists?


6 years ago
reply to BHB's post #9
What's up now? My work doesn't show up on the front page. See about that, please. Thanks

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