6 years ago
Dear Peter & team,
I have just read the FAQ again, & could not find anything about copyrights. As this site provides you with FREE ws &v PPTs - no points needed! ;-))) - could you remind our dear fellow colleagues that :
- We are supposed to send ws made by ourselves only,
- Sending pages from workbooks or ANY ESL site is NOT appropriate.
- What's the point of sending "stolen" material when you don't get points, anyway ?????
I'm asking you because I've noticed quite a lot of ws using pages from workbooks these days...
I think we ALL should be very careful about copyrights.
If YOu were an author / cartoonist...would you like your work to be stolen from you ??? How about JUST sharing links, & not make up ws using forbidden material, hum ????
6 years ago
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6 years ago
6 years ago
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Hi again!
I've tried to copy & paste the link - but it won't work.... The ws "Where are the mice " is JUST a copy of :
Play games with English , Heinemann, 1993. Colin granger & cartoonist : John Plumb. Page 25.
Thank you ALL for being very careful & respectful of artists & colleagues...!
6 years ago
Sorry Liette. But you have and hard task if you want people not to upload or download all the copyrighted material we are sharing. I have already deleted the worksheet you have reported. Points are not important because we don't need it. Should all the people who have downloaded my worksheet delete it ?
Sorry again.
6 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #5
Dear Martinandres,
First of all , thank you for your message, & for deleting your ws....I know I sometimes can be too much "agressive", & I do apologize for this....
I thank you for having deleted your ws. I do hope you - & others ...- will understand my point : THIS is a great free sharing site. Just don't let anything spoil the idea, nor cause problems to Peter & team.
Just like you - I guess ?? - I'm a basic English teacher - with MORALS.....- I know I can make mistakes, too, & I won't blame you for uploading such a ws.
My point is : Who are we - teachers - if we cannot even show the "right" way to our kids ????
I suppose you are a great person - you've proved it, at least to me ....- & I hope everyone will understand we must/should ALL be very careful about the work we upload.
My message on the Forum might not have been a very pleasant one - I guess so....- BUT you've been clever & smart enough to see my point : I thank you for this.
Again, I could have been the one who's uploaded material not from myself.....Every Human has a right to make mistakes.....
I do believe we are "examples" ....to our kids & very often , in my case, I have to do the job parents do not do anymore....
When I get "angry", it's very often because I think we ALL should be examples for these kids - but I know my mistakes ( example tonight....:-((( - & I'd NEVER judge YOU with such an "unimportant " event.
I feel a bit ashamed for having posted on the Forum, instead of mailing you.
But Anger is NOT a wise teacher, is it ????
Wishing you all the best,
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #6
Should the people who downloaded your ws delete it ? - Yes, they should.
Will they do it ? - No, they won't.
You're right, it's a loooooooooooooong time explanation, but I'm ready for it.

Will people continue to upload material which is not their own ? - Yes, they will, but I 'm glad I'm not the person they'll see in the mirror.....

6 years ago
Forgiven and forgotten, dear Sylvie.
However, I only used an old picture -very useful, indeed, and new for our young colleagues- and added my own stuff. What do you think of those who simply scan and paste? I would never do that. I agree with you in everything and I love this site and sharing. Hugs
6 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #8
Thank you!!!
I guessed you were a great person - I just feel ashamed for not having mailed you before...!
I KNOW you DIDN'T warm anyone....;-)))
I'd like our small talk to be the start of a much more important exchange here...;-)))
Sending YOU big hugs from chilly Northern France,
6 years ago
Thank you Sylvie. Welcome you and your students to the northern-east of Spain -as cold as your home but sunnier-. Love
6 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #10
I fail to see what Liette has got to apologise and be forgiven for. She is absolutely right about this.
6 years ago
I wonder why reported worksheets are not blocked for downloading.
6 years ago
reply to Sonn's post #12

there are two distinct cases when reported woksheets are prevented from downloading:
  1. the worksheet gets a report, and the infingement is validated, OR:
  2. the worksheet is reported by two separate users (to prevent any individual from committing malicious reports).

In the first case, the worksheet is removed and the users is given a first warning. In the second case, the download button is removed until the report is being investigated. If there is only one report for a worksheet, it stays up until the report is validated.

Bless up,

6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #13
Thank you very much for the answer, dear Peter.

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