6 years ago
If you wanted to support the site, but PayPal didn't work for you, here's a new option: simplified internet banking with Sofort AG.

You can use your own online banking login details. It's secure, no bank card is needed, and your account will be upgraded to "Supporter" immediately.

Available in 9 European countries.
Click your country to find out more:
Please consider pledging 5, 10 or 15 euros so we can continue our work throughout 2014. Also: our Supporters are enjoying an ad-free site and many plus site features.

Thank you,
Peter and the iSLCollective Team
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
I am from Mexico so I need a bank or how can I send you the money?
6 years ago
reply to anius's post #2
I am from Colombia how can I send the money?
6 years ago
Dear anius and valan,

You have 2 options: paypal or direct bank transfer. (For 9 European countries sofort internet banking is also available.)

Here you will find all the info you need in the Help section.


Bless up,
6 years ago
I´m located in a city of Colombia, and i can do the transaction by an american bank, what should i do to help ? best regards
6 years ago

In Colombia, you can pay by Paypal is safe.

6 years ago

HI¡ I´m from Costa Rica, I wanto to know way I can use the audio of projectables and I want to know if I have to pay for it. If I have to pay , how I can send the money and how much it cost?
6 years ago
Hi- the audio should play automatically- if there is sound. Everything on the site is free, but this is a member supported site- so donations are needed to keep the site functioning. On the left hand side of the main page- where there are 3 bars- mouse over and below Forum you will see in orange Support iSL. Click on that and find out how to make a small donation.

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