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Dear Colleagues,

I've been long meaning to add a bunch of new New Grammar and Vocabulary items to these search filters. They will partly be brand new, e.g. This/That, while others will be complementary to existing items, e.g. alongside the existing Adjectives item, I am going to add Adjectives to describe personality, and next to Prepositions > Prepositions of place, Prepositions of movement, Prepositions of time, etc.. The new names will often sound a bit more complex than necessary, e.g. Personality adjectives would sound more natural than Adjectives to describe personality, but I'd like these new items to be right next to their relatives in the alphabetically ordered list (in our example, Personality adjectives would be far away from Adjectives in the list).

Please comment on this post if you have any suggestions for me to add to Grammar and Vocabulary. I will not confirm the addition of each suggested item individually in the forum, but if accepted for inclusion, simply add them when I have time.

Bless up,
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
Hi! I can't upload one of my ws. It says "Error while uploading".It's something that has never happened.
Thank you for your atention.
6 years ago
Dear Peter,
Maybe you could add such vocabulary topic as English speaking countries or just USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. It would be much easier to find material concerning these countries.

Best wishes,
6 years ago
reply to Sonn's post #3
Hi Natalia,

that's a good suggestion, indeed. I will include that. There's also a new search dropdown menu coming soon: "dialects".

Bless up,
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #4
Hi Peter,
I have a suggestion , but maybe not useful for colleagues ....
I think the "level" and the "student type" search buttons are almost the same ( though "adults" could be inserted in the "level" section...?) How about having just a "level" section, + "skills" ( ie = writing, listening, reading, speaking...)
Well :-S .....just a suggestion, right ? ;-)))
Thx for all your hard work!! ( + the new changes are great!)
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #5
PS : I have typed "listening" in the search box, but it has led me nowhere ...I got plenty of ws, not about listening....I was looking for a listening activity - no special topic required....Maybe I'd better choose a topic first ;-))!
+ Why does it take such a long time to write a message ? ( = Am I doing something wrong ???? )
No need to answer, Peter; it's just to let you know ;-)))
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #6
I think titles like rading, listening, writing and tests and quizes are very important. and could be added in the search box.There are a lot of great ws about these skills, but it's difficult to get them.Titles like these will add a great value to ISLCOLLECTIVE. They're the skills we teach every day!!!
Thanks a million Peter and all the team for the last improvements.The site is wonderful !!!
6 years ago


Dear Authors,

I added 103 new grammar items below (visible in the "Grammar" dropdown menu in the green search bar). I would highly appreciate it if you could retag your worksheets so as to include these new tags where applicable. This will improve the searchability of the worksheets a great great deal. Without your help, the new tags would be of no use since users now only get "No results" pages when running a search on them. Thank you in advance!

I tried only to include grammatical terms that I think are used in primary and secondary language education, i.e. topics that we teach on our level. I excluded topics that only come up at tertiary (university) level, e.g. linguistics courses, seminars on discourse, etc. For example, we now have a tag "Relative clauses - What vs which", but we don't have tags like "antecedent", "noun complement" or "emotive language". Later we may devote a separate section to the latter, but for now, we'll not deal with that. I also intentionally excluded terms that are not commonly known (e.g. "correlative conjunctions"). When I did use a lesser-known term, I put an example next to the term, e.g. Adjectives – Gradable / Non-gradable adjectives (e.g. big vs enormous). In addition, I made a conscious effort to include some common problem areas within larger fields, e.g. "Comparisons – As vs than" to make the grammar tags even more teacher-friendly.

I still strongly encourage all authors to keep typing in so-called "free tags" (tags you can type in) when making an upload, even if you already selected the relevant term from the Grammar menu. It will make your worksheet more easy to find, since some users like to search in the "typing" search field while others prefer the dropdown menus. These two types of searches will give different results, since the former searches among free tags, while the latter among the tags in the dropdown menus.

Thank you in advance for helping in making the worksheets more searchable!

Bless up,

New grammar items:
  1. Adjectives to describe feelings / mood / tone
  2. Adjectives to describe personality and character
  3. Adjectives – Adjectives with –ed / -ing
  4. Adjectives – Opposites
  5. Adjectives – Order of adjectives
  6. Adjectives - Incomparable adjectives
  7. Adjectives – Gradable / Non-gradable adjectives
  8. Adverbs of degree
  9. Adverbs of frequency
  10. Adverbs of manner
  11. Adverbs of place
  12. Adverbs - Order of adverbs
  13. Adverbs – Adjuncts, disjuncts, conjuncts
  14. Affixes
  15. Agreement
  16. Antonyms (words with opposite meanings, e.g. good - bad)
  17. Apostrophe S
  18. Articles - definite
  19. Articles - indefinite
  20. Articles - zero article
  21. Auxiliary verbs – Do vs Does
  22. Backshift (time)
  23. Be able to
  24. Can
  25. Can vs be able to
  26. Can / could
  27. Clauses of reason
  28. Clauses of result
  29. Comma
  30. Comparisons – As vs than
  31. Conditional 0 (zero)
  32. Conditional I (first)
  33. Conditional II (second)
  34. Conditional III (third)
  35. Conditionals - Mixed conditionals
  36. Conditionals – Wishes
  37. Consonants vs vowels
  38. Discourse markers
  39. Exclamations
  40. Few / a few – Little / a little
  41. Figure of speech, metaphors, metonyms
  42. Future - be going to
  43. Future perfect simple
  44. Future perfect simple and continuous (progressive)
  45. Future perfect continuous (progressive)
  46. Future phrases (e.g. be about to, bound to, likely to, due to, set to + INF)
  47. Genitive S vs Of
  48. Gerund - Perfect gerund
  49. Gerund - Progressive gerund
  50. Gerunds
  51. Had better
  52. Homonyms (two words with the same pronunciation - homophones and homographs)
  53. Infinitive - Bare infinitive
  54. Infinitive - Perfect infinitive
  55. Infinitive - Progressive infinitive
  56. Infinitive - Split infinitive
  57. It – preparatory subject
  58. Linking verbs (copulas)
  59. May / Might
  60. Modifiers
  61. Nouns - Collective nouns
  62. Nouns - Compound nouns
  63. Nouns - Proper nouns
  64. Numbers - Ordinal numbers
  65. Numbers - Cardinal numbers
  66. Ought to
  67. Oxymorons (phrases with words of contradictory meaning, e.g. living dead)
  68. Participles - Past participle
  69. Participles - Present participle
  70. Past continuous (progressive)
  71. Past perfect continuous (progressive)
  72. Past perfect simple
  73. Plurals - irregular plurals
  74. Prepositions – Double prepositions (e.g. out of, from behind)
  75. Prepositions of movement
  76. Prepositions of place
  77. Prepositions of time
  78. Prepositions – Participle prepositions (e.g. pending, concerning)
  79. Prepositions – Phrase prepositions (e.g. because of, by means of, instead of)
  80. Prepositions vs adverbs (e.g. before me, saw him before.)
  81. Present perfect continuous (progressive)
  82. Present perfect simple
  83. Pronouns - Demonstrative pronouns
  84. Pronouns - Personal pronouns
  85. Pronouns - Reflexive pronouns
  86. Questions - Object questions
  87. Questions - Subject questions
  88. Questions – Wh-questions (open-ended questions)
  89. Questions – Yes / No questions
  90. Questions & answers: short answers
  91. Relative Clauses - Defining
  92. Relative Clauses - Non-defining
  93. Relative clauses – Relative adverbs
  94. Relative clauses – What vs which
  95. Reported speech – Reporting verbs
  96. Should
  97. There is / there are / there was / there were, etc.
  98. To be + infinitive
  99. To be – past forms
  100. Verbs - Dynamic verbs
  101. Verbs - State verbs (stative)
  102. Word formation
  103. Verbs – Intransitive vs transitive verbs
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
I started to retag my worksheets but I have only one choice. For my wks. "Expressing ability - capability" for instance I have chosen 'auxiliary:modals' from the drop down grammar focus list, but it could also be associated with n. 23, 24, 26 of the list above. My wks. on modal verbs could be associated with all the modals and semi-modals in the list. Wouldn't it be possible to have multiple choice in the grammar focus section as we have for other sections? I think it would widen the results of any search made. I do tag all my wks. in free tag in great detail and even though I have only 13 wks (+ 3 which are individual pages of Modal and associated verbs) I am downloaded 15 times a day on average, so thefree tag really works well.
Just a suggestion.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes
6 years ago
reply to lesleymisano's post #10
Yes, sounds like a good idea. We will examine its technical requirements. Good to hear that the free tag works well. Peter

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