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Dear buddies, cheers!

I ´ve been taking an important course and, unfortunately, I missed the last classes because I was hospitalized. Now I ´m down in the dumps and don ´t have a clue about the content. Could you please, please, please help me solve this quiz? I ´ll be really grateful! <3

1) - Dead-beat, bored stupid and bang up-to-date would be heard at the following spoken levels of register, BUT FOR...


2) - Cockney English is a famous rhyming slang used by working class Londoners. How would a speaker from that region say the sentence MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD THE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK?

make sure to upload the photos on Thomas and Cook
make sure to upload the photos on lots of luck
make sure to upload the photos on terror and spook
make sure to upload the photos on filth and muck

3) - While proofreading a translated business report, you come across the following sentence - MachRun and its subsidiaries REPORTED A STRONG INCREASE IN PROFITS in the 2009-2010 period.
A more appropriate collocation for the words in capitals would be...

registered grand earnings
collected substantial booties
made huge lump sums
announced record profits

4) - Academic English uses more formal or official registers, more sophisticated Latin-based words and unique word combinations. For example, in the sentence - The results cast doubt on the findings published by Norwegian scientists - the phrase CAST DOUBT ON means...


5) - A headline like "THE RIGHT REPUBLICAN"...

can be translated literally
is an example of a pun
would appear in a tabloid
is part of a tongue twister

6) - The word GENDER is used to form modern compounds that illustrate social conceptions about male or female. Choose the alternative below that is NOT a gender compound

gender blast
gender bias
gender bender

7) - According to class-driven language, British upper class members would refer to lunch as...


8) - The concept of false friends also occurs between varieties of the same language. What is NOT a motivating factor for this phenomenon is...

geographical distance
international English
cultural idiosyncrasies
language evolutions

9) - Which typical British expression would be the American equivalent of THERE YOU HAVE IT?

That takes the biscuit!
Bob's your uncle!
On your bike!
Keep your pecker up!

10) - The difference between VARIETY and DIALECT is basically determined by...

the ability to be understood by speakers from different regions or countries
the level of proximity in terms of lexis and syntax with the standard language
the distance from the country or region where the standard form originated
the level of socio-cultural independence its speakers may show to have

11) - When used in headlines, the words AX, BLAST, CURB mean...

remove, criticize, clamp
cut, criticize, limit
injure, detonate, face
intervene, level, pace

12) - Global English, International English, Globish, English as a Lingua Franca are...

different dialects that have come about due to globalization
used to refer to the same non-native form of the language
variations of English spoken in English language classrooms
weaker and less lexically complex forms of Spoken English

13) - Which of these words usually collocates with COMPETITIVE?


14) - Online English, or what is now known as Leetspeak, although a written form, is considered a representation of spoken English. A possible definition of it would be...

a secret code of random letters
a combination of computer symbols
a range of homo-graphic characters
a set of numbers, letters and phonetic symbols

15) - English speakers from different regions use the same word, but with different meanings. These differences may NOT lead to...

funny situations
different referents
serious blunders
linguistic prejudice

16) - Idioms, slang, metaphors and set expressions are examples of...

fixed collocations
noun phrases
strong collocations
compound words

17) - The use of MAN as a prefix or part of a word nowadays is...

seen as politically correct
used in jocular contexts
used to promote male sexism
interpreted as a male fad

18) - All of these are MISCONCEPTIONS about FALSE COGNATES with the EXCEPTION OF...

they only occur between languages of the same linguistic family
they cannot occur between varieties of the same language
they are similar in form but almost always different in meaning
they are usually the same word class in the two languages

19) - Collocational competence means...

having an extensive vocabulary
knowing the grammar of a word
using only strong collocations
knowing how words combine

20) - All of the types below are major differences between varieties of English EXCEPT for one of these below...

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Hi there,
Sorry for asking this - but...are you being serious ????
I just do not know about this ..important course ...you've been missing, but I'd think you haven't missed much! :-((( n° 15 or 17; & many others , are just....jokes, aren't they ?
Not meant to be rude, right ? ;-)

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