6 years ago
There are 2 stolen worksheets on the main page of this site- both from the same new member. Both have been reported many hours ago- and yet they have not been removed. How would you feel if someone posted your creative work as his/her own? What is the policy of iSLCollective on stolen material? What can members do to solve this problem? In the past- stolen material has even received Worksheet of the Day, although they were eventually replaced. A clarification of the site's policy would be helpful for all members.
6 years ago
Hi Kifissia ;-)
I've just reported a ws stolen from a member here ....Just like you, I don't see the point of uploading ws made by colleagues..????? No points needed here to download ws, no points needed here to get points, etc! ( Not that I would "excuse" people for doing so, but - at least! - I would understand ....:-(((
I just do not get what people have in their minds.....!!!! Maybe because WE got some kind of "moral" education / respect for others ....????
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #2
No points needed here - eh,? Just hard cash. Eslprintables is down - maybe it's just my computer? - and I need something basic on 'Of Mice and Men.'' I've tried on here instead. Not much luck - one thing 'free' and it's far too hard for my guys - I'll have to make something.
Please don't try to be superior about one site over another. That is not what it should be about and if you invite the comparison, it will be made.
6 years ago

Hi Lynne,
It wasn't in my mind, but I admit you're right..:-S
About Steinbeck, could thid be useful ? ( maybe too difficult ? ):


6 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #1
Hi Jann,

What is the policy of iSLCollective on stolen material?

Thanks for writing. I deleted those uploads. Actually, we have clarified our policy on copyright and reshares here in the forum earlier, but it can always be read in the Upload Rules (link in the UPLOAD menu) and the pages of the copyright licenses (both Creative Commons and the ISLCollective Copyright License.) If there is any issue or situation not dealt with in these documents, please bring it up here.

Bless up,

6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #5
Hi Peter, ther's that stupid 404 error again. See about that please. Thanks
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #4
Thank you Liette, that is useful. You know, it is great that we are here to help each other... We never meet, but we want the best for each other and our students...
Thanks again, Lynne
6 years ago
OK, but I need to get more info about it:
  1. What page were you on before it happened?
  2. What were you trying to do?
  3. What's the exact date and time it occured?
  4. Please visit this website, have your system parameters mapped, and send everything to info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

I will try to do my best once I have these details. Thank you.
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
I've uploaded 2 ws just now. The first one it was Ok the second one Elementary grammar ,which I've uploaded 3 times, and deleted afterwards, comes again with the 404 error. Why?
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #10
Now the same ws says "preview under generation" and it doesn't go to the front page.
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
I don't remember the date or time, I only know that Elementary Grammar has always problems and the others that I upload straight away after have no problems. So my system has to be OK.
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #13
I wrote you a PM. Peter
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #14
And I've answered.Thank you.

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