6 years ago
Hello dear Collegues,
Today we 've had a discussion at school about....asking pupils to be quiet ( ;-))) - & we did not really agree about what could be used inside the classroom :-S :
"Be quiet, shhh ", etc..... ! I'd think " shut up" is rude, but is it really ? Could some native speakers help us : what is familiar - maybe too familiar..., OK, or not to be used in class ?Can you list other phrases we can use ?
Thank you in advance for your help!
6 years ago
"Be quiet, shhhh, that's enough, OK now let's get on with the lesson" are all suitable when asking a class to be quiet. "Shut up" is totally inacceptable- rude and impolite. Since asking a class to be quiet is often a thankless task- it's often better to focus on the one child who is quiet and ready to start the lesson and praise that student. It may take a while but one by one the others will also want to be praised. Generally praise/compliments and rewards work in the long term. Philip R has some additional tips in the Teaching Tips section.
6 years ago
Hi Jann,
Thank you so much! :-)))
Your answer is very important, as I don't want us - teachers - to be rude....of course! & , I feel terrible because I used to "use" ( ! ) shut up, before !!!! Ooooooops!!!
About reported ws, I've found out about the ones you were "talking" about, & reported them - as much as I could!
Hope Peter & team will "hear" your message - I'll follow you on that point - Your telling me about PhilipR is a nice way of taking me back to reported ws ! ;-)))
Have a great evening in your beautiful part of the World!

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