6 years ago
Dear owners of this website:

It says on my personal webpage that I am a honorary member till 2014-12-29.
So if you don't mind could you clarify a few doubts, please:

1st - as soon as I stop being a honorary member will my count be deleted?
2nd - if not will I be able to download for free?
3rd - Does that mean that to be a member of this site I DO have to pay a minimum amount of 5 euros? And consequently my downlods will be limited despite the number of uploads I have done since I became a member.


6 years ago
reply to PATRIALUSITANA's post #1

Dear Patrialusitana,

No need to worry! First of all, no one has ever been restricted in downloading our free stuff, except for spam robots, and this is not going to change. Besides, no one has ever been asked to pay for downloading the resources, and this is not going to change either.

As for Honorary members: We awarded this title to the 150 most downloaded/longtime/active uploaders of the site to show our appreciation and tell everybody how much these people did for the site. We're going to renew this title every year until the site is operating. BTW, I think every year some new members live up to this title. Can you guys recommend a merit system based on which we can award this title to new members? What should be the criteria?

Bless up,

6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Dear Patrialusitana,
Houston calling....By 2029, we'll probably be all eating worms, due to severe climate change !
Hope you won't mind a "little" joke - no offense!
I wish I were such a long-time member!!!
Dear Peter,
I do think merits should go to blond-haired French-speaking members. Not too old, not too young !....
Hum....on second thoughts, I think "merit-token" sounds like a point system, no ???
;-))) Please, no shooting.
That was - JUST - a mid-week joke,
Right ???
See, you cannot even trust me, Peter.
I think people who upload a lot of ws - not my case - should be awarded as Honorary members. And people who support - with their money...And people who help on the Forum...? etc.
I might be wrong ; just my fifty cents....Anyway, egos should have disappeared, by that time ;-)))

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