6 years ago
dear colleagues,
I have been downloading and using isl ws for a very long time and it just crossed my mind that you could do sth else. Why don't you start up a isl magazime-sth similar to what Mary glasgow magazine is doing on monthly basis or just covering holidays-so that throughout the school year you issue 5 editions: halloween, christmas, winter/spring, easter and summer. You can organize it just by using your ws and of course making it as a story. I am a FLS owner and I always give small packs to my students during those periods. you may organise it and collect money from subscriptions. It will catch on if it is well organised. I order mary glasgow magazine for my B1, B2 and Prof level students-there is nothing for lower levels. You can think about it-everyone will be proud to make his/her contribution in ws and there is nothing similat on the market. Those are free ws this way you can at least get subscriptions!!
Thanx for considering my suggestion! keep up the good work!
redards from Greece
6 years ago
Hi dear colleague,
I've read your ....suggestions...& it lead me to some "ideas", too! ;-)))
First of all, forgive me for putting it this way : You're telling us you've been downloading ws from this site for quite a long time - welcome ! - but....
- You seem to have great ideas about ..sites. ( not joking..) How about sharing with us ??????
- You're telling us you'll catch on IF well organised. How about participating - a tiny little bit ???
- As for people being proud to make his/her own contributions - you are warmly welcome!!
- Thank you for telling us to keep up with the good work : I might add a few names in here - if you don't mind. ( I won't !!! But I know people here who upload so many useful & nice ws or PPTs - I DO thank them for that!!! - & I'm SO grateful....)
Please, do understand that I have NO anger - .... - BUT, despite the fact that ANYONE can bring up useful ideas for this wonderful site ...- I TEND to HEAR people who share.
Hope you don't mind my sharing-ideas-with-you....
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #2
6 years ago
Hi there,

I think there's no need to tell off people who have ideas. This was a well-intentioned post wanting to help the site. I'm actually open to any suggestions about publishing a quality, seasonal ESL ebook or e-magazine. But the contributions have to come from our members, with someone taking since I'd rather not use the site funds for buying submissions for this publication. Anyone else interested in becoming a contributor or an editor?

6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #5
Apologies - from a zero-pointer , from now on.
Best wishes.
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #6
It's a pitty to see you go, however you are right on your decision. Thank you. All the best to you too.
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #6
Sorry, Sylvie, I didn't mean to offend you or anyone else. Please don't leave. I know you meant well, I'd just like to see more ideas coming from members about how to make the site better, including any ideas for how to generate extra revenues for the site to make to be able to afford to pay for continued development (that we can't currently). Thank you for caring about the site!
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #8
Hi, everybody, I don't know/ understand what has happened. I recognize I'm quite slow at understanding after my ischemic strokes. I have always tried to upload my ws, and I've always received words of encouragement.Whenever I uploaded a ws and I realised there was a mistake I told the memebers to correct them.If you need my ws to insert them in a magazine I have no problems.I love the site and I'd love to be help.The only thing I can't do is with $$$$.
Lest's try to remember an old song to return to old times.
"Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find
I tried to reach for my colleagues I hope you don't have closed your mind
Whatever happened to our lISL Collective I wish I understood
It used to be so nice, it used to be so good"
A big hug from Argentina.Mishqui.

6 years ago
reply to Mishqui's post #9
Hi Mishqui. The case is that someone had the nerve do confess that has been loading ws for a long time, but we know that he/she has never uploaded any work (there are so many doing this). Now this person gives suggestions for a magazine. Good idea. Does he/she wants us to work for her/him? I really don´t understand.
A big hug 4 u too.
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #10
SORRY "that has been downloading " AND NOT UPLOADING.
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #5
Hi everybody!
I completely agree with you, Peter: suggestions should be welcomed, and I don’t understand some members’ comments here. It has been ONLY A SUGGESTION to improve the site, another idea to find ways to get money for the site. I don’t understand why some members feel offended... it is only a suggestion, for goodness' sake!
6 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #8
Hi Peter,
It's allright ;-))) You have NOT offended poor little me - & surely never will.
I understand you need fresh ideas about the site - please understand I'm not "having"... people ...who never share - either their ws or money - ask for more.
When I read the message on the forum, I felt so sad - not because of me - but because of the wonderful people here who share , almost everyday....I JUST don't understand how one can ask for more - when giving nothing in return.
I - ....- don't tell people what to think - I JUST said what I thought. We disagree, dear Peter...So, what ? This IS your beautiful site - & I'll always try to help - whenever you'll need me.
I - just - won't be "politically" correct - you know me! - & I will never accept more "so-called suggestions" from people who have NEVER shared.
I hope this will not lead to a fight on the forum - as it is NOT meant to be.
I wrote I 'd become a zero-pointer.
I have.
So...what ??? ( I'm not one of the great contributors, am I ???)
Can I disagree with Peter - & still be friends ???? Don't worry - I know where my place is - though I can speak my thoughts out loud very often ...
I'll never criticize - nor tell Peter what to do.
I told him I disagreed - my own right.
When people can take, & take....without giving - at least once, ...YOU know my feelings, Peter. You do know them.
Mishqui has written she cannot help you with her money ; but, she's been uploading so many ws !!!! Who's asking her to do so ?....
Not me. Certainly, not me.
I'm - for one - just fed up to the teeth with people taking....without giving anything.
At least, they won't take my ws, as I've deleted them all...........
My - OWN right , dear Morewk - my OWN right.
Regards to all
Please, don't overdo it - it's just a minor contributor - who disagrees!!!
PS : When I wrote " Apologies", I meant it ; Should I explain - again & again ????
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #10
Hi Mamartins,
Thanks for your explanation , as I said before I'm a little slow, now I reread my other message and I see I made some spelling mistakes.I apologize.
"Does he/she wants us to work for her/him?"(sic) I understood this member want us to provide more ws.
Thanks once again, have a great weekend.
6 years ago
A magazine is a great idea! How would it work? I would contribute. I've got lots to say, but there ain't anybody listening!:-) Now a magazine... Anecdotes about good days and bad days, top tips, little insights about this and that... Pet hates, 'My best teacher' ... 'One thing I would chagne about teaching'... Etc... it wuld be good!
I don't mind if people who never upload anything download my stuff. It's all about helping the students and being part of a great ...something...if we sign up here, that's pretty much what we accept.
6 years ago
reply to Mishqui's post #14
That's it. And I've a big grammar mistake - not wants but want. Thank you. Have a nice weekend too. I don't know about the weather there, here it is raining dogs and cats.
6 years ago
reply to liette's post #13
Sylvie, you have a very valid point of view. It would make for a great debate. Put your stuff back on here! Then let's have a debate: should people have to give as well as take, or should we provide a service for teachers? Or something like that... I hope people aren't counting my typoes, by the way!
6 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #15
I agree with a magazine. But that's all, you have your opinion and I have mine. I know there are many members thinking like you, but there are also many more clapping their hands to me. We are so many that is no surprise existing so many different opinions. That's human.
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #18
I've come into this a bit late, so can I just check? Are people sick of members who upload nothing, but dwnload a lot of stuff?

If that is right, in saying that that is what we sign up for here, I was stating the obvious. Peter set this site up for that very purpose. On eslprintables, you have to upload to download. Yes, there is give as well as take. Peter set this site up so that even if you are too incompetent, busy or idle to make your own wss and ppts, you can get them from here.

I actually think you have got a very valid point of view and I could easily suggest a solution. Here is is: join eslprintables.
6 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #19
I've joined eslprintables for almost two years. I have uploaded much work but have downloaded a lot too.
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #20
PS. That's what the sight for, isn't it?
6 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #16
Hi mamartins, Here's too hot, it's 9:25 AM and the temperature is 27°, within a month we will be in summer
:( .
6 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #19
I feel bad now about saying that people who are too 'idle or incompetent' to make their own worksheets.... Let's just stick with 'too busy'. When I was younger and I had a young family, I didn't have the time I had now. I didn't faff about preparing wss - I used the text books. How nice to be aboe to supplement that with wss that other people have freely given to share.

If I prepare something, it's out there for people to share. Maybe they are young mums, busy young dads, whatever. As we tell our students 'it's nice to share.'
6 years ago
Hi guys!

I haven't been on much lately, but anyone will forever be able to download my worksheets for free without me expecting anything in return. Isn't that the premise of this site? If you disagree with it, then simply don't upload. As for throwing a tantrum and deleting all your printables, I'd say either grow up or grow some thicker skin. Pathetic really.

Have a nice day all!
6 years ago
reply to PhilipR's post #24
PhilipR, you are a legend! Your worksheets and templates mate are second to none. Love ya! Gonna meet you one day. Be scared. I am one wild woman!!! He he :-) I'm a little mouse really.

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