6 years ago
I usually get a couple of "thank you" every (other) day, but I haven't received any for many weeks now.
Today I suddenly received one, dated January 24.

It's probably nothing, but I just wanted to let you know about it, in case there is something :)
6 years ago
Hi ksfredriksen!

Yes, I have a habit of checking the comments that appear. Usually, they are just 'thank yous', which are nice to receive, but sometimes they contain other comments which are helpful.

Comments don't seem to appear at the centre top of the home page anymore, but I have noticed if you hover the mouse over your login name there is a new bar labelled "comments". However, this contains old messages that I don't remember seeing before and are probably too old to reply to now. Very strange.

I just assumed it was a new update to the site, the notice of which I had missed.
6 years ago
Yes, I also see the 'new' comments option in the menu.
Another thing is that the notification I received yesterday (dated January 24), still appear on the top of my page.
I cleared my browser log, cookies and cache, but apparently it did no good.
6 years ago
reply to ksfredriksen's post #1
Hi everyone,
I have found out that my Possessive Adjectives worksheet has already been seen among the new contributions on ESL Printables under the user-name: sonerim88. I really don`t know how it can be possible! I uploaded the worksheet yesterday-24th February 2015 in the early morning hours (after 2am as I suffer from insomnia), and I always use the user-name gagadragana. I even add my real name at the bottom of the page.
Obviously, someone downloaded my worksheet, and uploaded it as their own on ESL Printables,yesterday!
Some people noticed that yesterday and informed me immediately about it. One of them said that she had reported it.
I would appreciate it if somebody would be so kind as to inform me whether any measures have been taken against this shameful theft as I tried myself to report this "case" to someone in charge yesterday unsuccessfully.
Dragana Obradovic-user-name gagadragana
6 years ago
reply to gagadragana's post #4
Hi Dragana,

I've just had a look on eslprintables and can't find the worksheet at all. I've even looked on the moderators page (because I am one of them) and nothing has been reported today. It could have been reported yesterday, but I didn't look then. In any case I can't see it anywhere or even the account in the name of sonerim88, so hopefully he/she has been removed too.

We have all been victimes of this type of "theft" and it really is disgusting, but what can we do about it apart from spread the word and be vigilant.

6 years ago
reply to jannabanna's post #5

Dear Janet,

Thank You for answering my letter. It is of great help and I really appreciate it.


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