7 years ago
Hello dear colleagues,
I need your help ;-) about "gap fillers". We teach English without using L1 in my school. A new teacher has asked for help....& I'm in need of ..."ideas". She 's supposed to "teach" Gap fillers to her 12-year-old students ; she'll have them watch a video ( from the BBC ) about what people did "last weekend", and teach her kids how to use gap fillers ( = hesitate ) - such as " Errr ; let me see ; etc.." without using L1. (it's important for her as she'll get the diploma to become a teacher...) I wonder how we can teach these gap fillers - without using L1 - once the kids have watched & listened to people using them ? How would you have your kids actually USE these gap fillers ? What kind of activity would you suggest ?
I thank you for your help & useful ideas,,
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Here's a cloze (gap fill) creator that several teachers recommended: http://martineau.tv/cloze/. Cloze exercises are created to practice vocabulary, prepositions and general understanding of the English language. The best way to start would be to make very easy cloze exercises- removing articles for example. Try to make it more fun by dividing the class into teams- who can guess the most words correctly the fastest and so forth. I don't know that you can teach "cloze." It's more a check to see that the students are becoming proficient in English and provides and indication to the teacher what areas need work- such as prepositions.
7 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #2
Hi Jann,
Thank you so much for your reply! But....this is not what I have been asking for , just like you mention in your pm ;-D....
What I mean by L1 is language number one = native language. You see, we don't use French in our English classes....;-)))
About " gap fillers" , again, I'm sorry but you got it wrong - or was it me ??? He! He! What I meant was : whe,n YOU, English-speaking people - hesitate, you often use words like : " Errr ../ Well..../ So...../ Let me see....etc! we call them " gap fillers".
I need ideas about how to ...have our kids use them ; instead of the FRench "words" : Bon.../ Ben....: Heu.... etc" meant to tell people you are hesitating / or thinking....
I thank you for your post & help, & I agree with you : about the forum....
Thanks so much for always being here,
7 years ago
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....other people ( ie = the Forum = English teachers ???? ) might be "shopping" else where ; you never know! Too busy, maybe ???
( you got the idea , Jann, from a poor little thing with a thin skin ;-D....)
7 years ago
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Here's my ws with the REAL gap fillers. https://en.islcollective.com/resources/printables/worksheets_doc_docx/sound_like_a_native_speaker_of_english/idioms-speaking-idioms/28968
7 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #5
Thank you so much!!
7 years ago
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the site is broken i get some warning about time zone settings and using UTC on line 39!!!!!
whats s going on?

7 years ago
reply to busanape's post #7
Thanks for the notice. The fix is soon coming.
7 years ago
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thanks for the speedy reply
take care

7 years ago
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Mine is still showing that message! Has it been fixed? Thanks!
7 years ago
The fix is coming on Monday. Please use the download button until then.
7 years ago
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We rolled out a bug fix for this "timezone settings" error message. Let me know if it works for you too.

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