6 years ago
I was wondering if any teachers out there use either Twitter or Instagram to engage their students.

If so, do you use your personal account or one set up only for teaching? Do you give tweeting homework or ask students to write a story in English with an IG photo they posted?

Anyway, I am just scratching the surface of social media to see if it could be implemented in a useful way. I am a bit of a social media noob myself (I am not even on FB), but have sent my first tweet today (@philiproeland). I have a semi-dormant Instagram account as well (instagram.com/philiproeland).

I ´ve no idea if you ´re supposed to reply to this mail or tweet feedback :-p

PS: This forum is quite dormant as well. Could it be because it isn't very straightforward to start a new topic? This is my first new thread, and I had to look a bit before I could figure out how to do it.
6 years ago
reply to PhilipR's post #1

Hi Philip,

I dabbled with using social media a bit last year. I created a Facebook for my students and I used my personal account for this purpose. (As I rarely post anything on my FB page, I didn't even had to think about whether it's a good idea regarding my own privacy. Otherwise, I would have created a Facebook page - as opposed to a group - where I can post anonymously as admin).

Here's a photo caption activity, assigned as homework. There were about 7-8 pictures and students had to write "I wish" sentences for the pictures. When I had a bunch of submissions, I revealed the original caption.

I also tried doing a collaborative story on FB (in the form of comments to my first post), but it didn't work out. I couldn't enforce it because I wasn't sure everybody had internet access at home. I would like to try it again in class by assigning the order in which students are supposed to post the next line to the story.

We've also used FB chat to add a little twist to the regular role plays. As for Twitter, I have no idea how to use it in a class.

True, this forum is not really alive. I have no idea why. Dear colleagues, do you have any ideas? If you do, together we could start thinking about how to breathe some life into it.

Bless up,

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