5 years ago
Dear isl members,

We just started our Spring Fundraiser! We need to collect funds to cover our costs until November, 2015. In this Fundraiser you'll have the chance to send us monthly donations with Paypal. Monthly giving is a great option for both Islcollective and our supporters. It allows us to have a dependable base of support that also allows us to plan and budget for our development projects more effectively. For our supporters it allows you to make a small monthly contribution and still play a major role in maintaining islcollective.com.
5 years ago
hello ive tried paying via paypal but its not working, shortage of time otherwise wouldve used my card, however as a regular visitor of your site will def try again, thumbs up for the great work you are doing.
5 years ago
via paypal is not available, sorry!
5 years ago

thank you very much for everything you present here for us! my students enjoy your worksheets too much and i love them too! but i ve a big problem that i cant uplod my works in here ..
have a nice day!

5 years ago
reply to cucusu's post #13
There was indeed a glitch yesterday, but we fixed it. PayPal should be working now.
5 years ago
I would like to donate, but I can't. I clicked on depit my credit card, and noting happens, =(
5 years ago

I wanted to make a small donation. Paypal is still not working.

5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #15
Just tried to donate. Clicked on paypal, nothing happened. Same thing when I clicked on credit card :-(
5 years ago
reply to dtd96int's post #18
Dear Colleagues,

Thanks for considering supporting us!

1. Where did you try to click the paypal button? On our donate page where you can select the donation amount too? Same problem with the debit/credit card button?
2. What device did you use? Android mobile, iOS mobile or PC or Mac computer?
3. Which browser did you use?
4. Same thing happens in another browser?
5. When exactly did this happen? Does it still not work?
6. If not, how exactly does the problem look like? Any error message?

If you've run into problems when trying to donate, please send your answers to the above questions to info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

5 years ago


je vous remercie pour le travail que vous faites.
j'ai bien voulu faire une donation mais ça ne marche pas.
j'ai essayé plusieur, mais les liens ne fonctionnent pas!
5 years ago
reply to aktouchefat's post #20
Hello! ( Dear aktouchefat, I think you should write in ENGLISH....;-)
" I Thank you all for your great job.
I wanted to give money, but the system failed.
I've tried many times, but the links do not work." ( translation.)
I have noticed my support account isn't working any more - just for you to know. I've sent money ( up to 2017 ).....Is that not taken into account any more ???
I thank you for your reply.
5 years ago
Neither link seems to work for me. I love this site and really appreciate that you continue to offer free resources! I will definitely be donating as soon as I can.
5 years ago
reply to liette's post #21
Dear Liette,

good to see you back! In fact, it is taken into account, but we have chosen to display the year of the donation from this year on. Technically your account works the same way as before. For anyone who has donated in the past the old measurement stays in effect: your membership period is for 365 days * the number of donations you made, so you personally will not see any ads until 2017. That is, if iSLCollective survives until 2017. With the current lack of donations, I'm not so sure about that anymore ...

For new supporting members we changed the counting of the duration of the supporting membership - now if someone donates twice in a year, we start to count their 365 days anew from the latest donation, because we don't want to give the false sense to anyone that we can guarantee the iSLCollective service until 2020 and so on. Because we can't.

It is always a very delicate act of tightrope walking to run this site, because even though last year we were forced to give up our full time employee and office, and now we work on a skeleton budget, iSLCollective always runs out of money after 6 months, just like it were a poor teacher. We are concerned that maybe our donation model has simply worn out, maybe our members have grown tired of it because they have gotten so used to free products all over the internet.

But let's hope it's not the case. I'd like to believe that enough of our users will take it upon themselves to keep iSLCollective alive. I hope during this one month of fundraising I can make enough colleagues realize that the Spring fundraiser is important because it enables us to survive the summer months, when most of our members take a leave and go on summer holiday.

As for the technical problem reported: some members have said that if they click on either the PayPal or Bank card button on the Donate page, nothing happens. Do others have this problem? We are eager to go after this problem, but no one has answered my questions yet. We do need the answers to come up with a fix, as on our computers everything works fine. We need information about the technical environment the problem occurs (about the device, browser).

Bless up,
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #24
Hello Peter,
Thank you for your answer, and for making it clear : I understand your point ;-)
I believe most of us know how difficult it has been / is...for your team to keep the site running.And, again, thank you for your dedication!
I do hope you'll get reports about the problems people seem to have ( about donating).
+ will be helping as much as I can.
Thank you so much for your great job,
5 years ago
reply to liette's post #25
Feedback :
- I've just tried to donate using IE : I tried credit card & Paypal = nothing is working when using IE.
- I've tried with Google Chrome ; I've been able to access CCBill, & to fill in information about my donation..BUT...when I finished , I got a message saying there was en error + I got a mail from CCBill telling me : " Failure. You already have an existing membership to this site and are unable to sign up."
Soooooo, I guess you didn't get my money! :-(((
Hope this helps,
5 years ago
Dear Peter,
Me too, I would really like to donate, but it doesn't work. I pushed the
"donner avec carte..." button but nothing happens. I work on mac.

I will check upcoming days and try again!

Thanks for your work!

5 years ago
reply to frischluftzufuhr's post #27
What happens if you click CTRL and F5 together on the donate page? Do the buttons work afterwards?
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #28
No, they don't. ( With IE..)
5 years ago
reply to liette's post #29
+ ( sorry for using the forum so much!) : I've sent you a mail with screen shots, telling you I couldn't see your donate message with IE... That was true minutes ago, but.....It has "re" appeared....!!!
Sorry for not being able to help more!!
What I told you in my mail :
Paypal is NOT recognizing my account ( new credit card ) - I cannot even create a new account - as my personal info have been registered...Soooooo, forget about Paypal!
I cannot pay with my credit card, as CCBill doesn't allow me to....
As I'm very bad at these things, the easiest way for me to donate would be by using my credit card....Maybe it's the same with many people here ???
I cannot help more than that, :-S !
Hope you'll find out a quick and easy way for people to donate ; I do think people are doing their best, but it has proved to be soooo difficult!
( I realize some have been able to give - though...????)
5 years ago
reply to frischluftzufuhr's post #27
We released a fix for Internet Explorer. Pls let us know if there is still a problem wirh donating on either browser. Thx Peter
5 years ago
Thank you so much for everything.
5 years ago
Hello, I have been trying to send my donation, since I absolutely adore your site, and I can't do it. I get en error notification and can't do anything more. Is there any other way we can help or support you with this site? I have not been able to support any other groups either, we have a country control issue here, which restricts our internet payments. Sometimes thys work, other times they don't. I am so sorry for this.
5 years ago
reply to AndreaSchilling's post #33
Hello. Thanks for considering supporting us! What sort of error message is that? You can send us more information about this to info [at] islcollective [dot] com, and we'll look at it. Peter
5 years ago
Love your website, want to donate via PayPal, but it´s not working. The PayPal logo doesn´t seem to be properly enabled. Sorry about that.
5 years ago
reply to edecampos's post #35
Hi Edecampos! We'd like to go after this, as we thought we could eliminate this with the latest fix. What device and which browser do you use? Same problem on other device and/or browser?
5 years ago
Why can't you accept other currencies? I tried to pay in Ukrainian hryvnias and failed. Sorry, I can't have an account in pounds, dollars or euro...
5 years ago
reply to kittysweetie's post #37
Hi, you pay in your national currency, and our bank will exchange it. The currencies indicated on our Donate page were selected to make it easier for everyone to have a quick idea of how much they want to donate.
5 years ago
MONTHLY (RECURRING) DONATIONS In the past a lot of members said that they would gladly send iSLCollective a small monthly donation if we had this option. Now we realized this possibility: this new option is called "monthly" (or: recurring) donation. On our Donate page the default option is "one-time" donation, which means a single donation, but you can also choose a monthly donation, which means you allow iSLCollective to automatically debit your selected amount on your Paypal account once every month. (Monthly recurring donations are only available through PayPal.) You can easily cancel your recurring donation by going to your MyPage/History-support, where - after successful payment - you will find the direct link to your PayPal account and then you can stop your monthly payments with one click. If you can afford, please select this type of donation, as iSLCollective badly needs better financial stability and monthly sponsors are a great way of providing this kind of stability and making our future more plannable. Of course, we are very grateful for one-time donations, too, the point is: Please show your love for iSLCollective now, so we can keep going and improving our service. Thanks a lot! Peter
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #34
Good morning! I could finally donate! I am glad it worked out. Have a fantastic week!!!! Greetings from la paz, Andrea Schilling
5 years ago
I want to donate via paypal but I can't find the link!
5 years ago
reply to fabie's post #41
Thanks, you can donate if you click on the Donate menu above. On our Donate page you'll find the PayPal button in the right panel. Peter
5 years ago
I tried to donate today twice using different credit cards, but it says both credit cards are blocked and they're not. What should I do?
5 years ago
Hello! Glad I succeeded now to donate! Thanks for your great work! Can't tell you how many times it saved me!! Kisses and best wishes! Hope everyone who can donates! Myriam
5 years ago
reply to CESTARI's post #43
We recommend trying PayPal in that case. They offer two options: bank card payment or topping up a virtual PayPal account and paying using that. Thanks in advance, Peter
5 years ago
Happy to donate! I should have done it earlier.
5 years ago
Did you know that as of May 22, 2015 there were: 838,631 members 51,054 printables 6,234 projectables 131 teaching ideas And 75 members who have contributed 2,146 pounds to the 10,000 pounds that are needed for the site to continue to survive and thrive. Think about it.
5 years ago
Why is not possible to contribute by paying with Paysafecard?
5 years ago
reply to matejasukic's post #48
There are dozens of online payment options in the world. We have chosen two of the most popular ones, following in the footsteps of Wikipedia, where you can also pay using PayPal and your bank card. Both options are safe ways to pay. You can check our bank card processor's site here: ccbill.com Thanks if you can support our mission!
5 years ago
Guten Tag,schicen Sie mir genaue Adresse,ich will per Post bezahlen.Alles Gute.Iveta Doppelhofer
5 years ago
I love this site, it was extremly helpful, a lot of awsome material, congrats to all of you who has been working on this. I am trying to donate but it says it doesn t accept american express and this is the only credit card I have with me. Is there a way that you can make payments through american express available? Thanks! And keep the good work! :) Best Regards, Cindy!
5 years ago
reply to cindyrr83's post #51
Dear Cindy, thanks for considering supporting our mission. Unfortunately, we can't currently accept American Express. The other payment method available is PayPal. Actually, it's quite easy to create a PayPal accountand make a donation through them. I hope it can work out. Bless up, Peter
5 years ago
Can I send by banking deposit? It's good for me.
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #45
Hello, I made a small donation like a week ago, but I did receive confirmation if you got it. My name is Johanna Córdoba. I made the transfer through pay pal.
5 years ago
I 'd like to But I can do it next time .not now I mean
5 years ago
Sorry! I tried several times by again I didn`t manage to do it. The question is in my name?? It was said that my name is wrong if I wanted to pay by my Mastercard but it wasn`t. My name is written with dots (ÜLLE) and it doesn`t accept it. I don`t know what I`ll do? The same problem is paying by credit card. I also tried tu use the variant with PayPal and problems again. So I think that I did everything correctly. Sorry for giving trouble.
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #39
I tried to make a donation but the payment was denied. No reason, no information, nothing. What am I supposed to do?
5 years ago
Hallo, ich möchte das Geld überweisen, schick mir bitte eure Kontodaten.
5 years ago
Senden Sie mir bitte ihre Bankdaten (IBAN, Kontonummer für die Überweisung) Danke
5 years ago
Can I make payment by bank cheque??
5 years ago
reply to ylle's post #56
Hi, simply replace the Ü with U and it will be accepted. Thanks a lot!
5 years ago
Are there any benefits to upgrade an account to "supporter"? please let me know
5 years ago
I click on the amount but nothing happens! What shall I do?
5 years ago
Hi Peter! First of all I'd like to thank you guys for keeping islcollective.com alive. I do feel that this is a great website. I have just made a small donation. I tried to donate some money before but I had some problems with the system. I am happy I was able to donate some money. Seriously! I've been using wonderful resources from this website and I will try my best to continue supporting you guys. Once again thanks very much!
5 years ago
reply to minhtu13579's post #62
Yes, there's a whole lot of benefits of becoming a supporter. First of all, this is not only a great way to say thank you to our team for our work in this school year but also it's about joining the collective effort of paying iSLCollective's internet and staff bills to keep the site alive and strong for this year. Second, there's a personal benefit of not seeing any more ads on the site while you're a supporting member. Thanks for considering supporting us!
5 years ago
reply to EduardoMarino's post #64
Thanks for caring about the site and its future! Welcome back in the Fall, and have a great summer! :)
5 years ago
reply to tiogeorge's post #63
I wrote you a PM.
5 years ago
Bonjour du Mexique ! Greetings from Mexico! I love your site, I have used material for both my English and French classes. I promise I will be making donations shortly. I could also help you by volunteering/donating a few hours of my time every week. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks again for all the good work!
5 years ago
I want to donate 20E through paysafe card but the system doesn't accept it. It's paysafecard
5 years ago
Liebe Leute, kann ich nicht einfach einen Betrag überweisen? Viele Grüße Maria Greckl
5 years ago
reply to Actionnowschool's post #69
Hi, we can only accept debit and credit card or PayPal payments.
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #74
Hi, I've been trying to donate via credit card payments but it says: ERROR (S) You already have an existing membership to this site. Any solutions?
5 years ago
reply to youhavetoask's post #75
Hi. I wrote you a PM.

You're not a member yet.
Would you like to become a member of iSLCollective ?
You're not a member yet.
Congrats, you're now a member here, too. :) Please wait until page is refreshed!