5 years ago
Hello, I have been using Sorita's personal pronoun sheet for quite some time now. I have used it in both my English and Spanish classes.
I have added to the sheet, and included verb declinations, possessives, and other types of personal lessons.
Would it be alright to share these? It is her work, but she hasn't logged on since 2012, and I find this sheet so useful I would like to share it.
Please, Sorita, Admins, anybody, is it alright to share???
5 years ago
reply to Catapulpi's post #1
Hi Catapulpi, well, it's no use sending her a message if she hasn't logged on since 2012, which was what I was going to suggest. Doh! The difficulty is that it's not your work and you would be effectively claiming copyright. However, it's nice to share and to build on other members' work.Unless there are copyrighted pictures and stuff, well, I can't see the harm. Just mention in the bumf that you have adapted this author's work. But that's just my opinion....
5 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #2
Thanks for the reply, MrsFrobisher!
I just wish I could get a thumbs up from the author. I don't see any harm in sharing, either.
I will wait a few days, to see if I get an answer from an admin, and take it from there...
5 years ago
5 years ago
~~Esl printables
isl collective
5 years ago
I thought you might be interested with ws using the same pics - & about pronouns....Sorry for the 3 messages : I'm having problems with the Wifi, down here ,in Cornwall ;-)))
5 years ago
I've seen these pictures all over the internet, so I guess it's OK to reuse them. Anyways, there's no real content to this worksheet. It's just a couple of speech bubbles with pronouns. I can't see any originality in there.
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #8
Maybe not, Kisdobos, but as much or as little as she has done, it is her work.
Stepping on toes isn't something I like to do.
5 years ago
reply to Catapulpi's post #9
Well catapulpi, you have got the go-ahead from the webmaster and the author is nowhere in sight.... Maybe time for you to make an executive decision!
I would like some feedback from the downloaders - is it useful to leave space on wss for student answers, or should we pack as much in as possible?

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