5 years ago
Dear my Colleagues
I'm really inexperienced in teaching English. Yes I am an English Teacher,but started to work last year.
I do not know to prepare education materials like posters,information gap activities,reading listening speaking comprehension passages...
Now I'm doing my best to help my Kardelens' learning English and I gain inspiration of you.
I especially want to thank to My Mother and My Father , By giotoules,By rmartinandres,By rmartinandres,By rmartinandres and ?WH -QUESTIONS? for their materials.
Everything is for our KARDELENS :)
Sinem Okudan
English Teacher
Note: Kardelen is a flower which grows under snow in Turkey,it struggles to the coldest weather then it grows more against dense snow so it wins its life struggle.

5 years ago
reply to Kardelen83's post #1

Dear Sinem Okudan,

Nice to see you here. My name is Gülgün. I am a teacher of English İn Turkey,too. I have been teaching for 17 years now. I think we can exchange ideas and help as teachers of English. I know the Kardelens Project. You must be proud of yourself to be their teacher. If you add me as a friend on your facebook, it will be easier for us to communicate. My facebook name is "Gülgün Murat ÖZTÜRK" . See you...

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