4 years ago

Hi all,

I am beginning to post materials that I make on my blog. I don't have MicroSoft, so my formats are different. I post with LibreOffice Writer (.odt) and in .pdf formats. Every time I save something as a .docx, the formatting gets really messed up. (Oddly, though, LO Writer opens MS Word files fine.)

With my last worksheet, I also wrote a detailed lesson plan on how you can turn this into a full unit and turn it into out of the classroom interaction opportunities. I also have a test for that lesson that I will post soon.

I hope that we can help each other a bit here. I think it's probably less cost for ISLCollective to just have a link than to store and download (at the cost of bandwidth) all the data. For my part, (in the spirit of full disclosure) I'd love to see more traffic on my little blog.

I currently have .odt (LO Writer); .pdf; and .jpeg formats that I can provide for my lessons.

If you'd like to look at the workseets, they are here:



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