4 years ago

​Hi Peter,

​I have problems uploading my resources. I couldnt even upload the worksheets. When I clicked ""browse", it didnt show my worksheet name.

Please fix this.


4 years ago
reply to ctyi1221's post #1
Hi Peter!!
Sorry but the new viewing system doesn't seem to work , and it is quite difficult to say if some of the many resources sent or not copied from others. I think it is becoming very unfair!!
Sorry guys!!
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #2
Hi Sylvie,
What do you mean by new viewing system? We haven't changed anything, except for replacing the GO button with a magnifier icon, and making the previews larger.
4 years ago
reply to ctyi1221's post #1
Hi, I can see your new upload in your mypage: https://en.islcollective.com/resources/printables/worksheets_doc_docx/whens_your_birthday/beginner-prea1/90962
Is this what you are looking for?
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #3
Hi Peter, I wasn't clear , but I was talking about your new algorithm , I didin't see it working , it seems just that contributions are just swept away when some people send 10/ 12 wss at a time. And the 'see more ' logo is quite small compared to what it was before. Sorry to bother but.......
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #5
It's me again it's just to remark that my contribution (today ) just seem to have disappeared off the charts alltogether!!( what a great holiday I had!
Thanks for sorting this out !
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #6
Dear Sylvie,

Yes, indeed, great news for the site that we have so many new uploaders joining in the sharing, and uploading their contributions! Let's try to encourage them with a warm welcome and appreciation for their work, too!

Like I wrote last time, we just started working on the new section. You will easily notice once it's been implemented. Then you will be able to see a brand new section labelled "Most downloaded worksheets daily". Thank you for your patience.

Bless up,
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #7
thanks Peter for your answer , this is just a question of usage for me, when I started uploading there I already had lots of documents to send but as on ESL Printables I just considered it fair to other people never to exceed 2 or 3 at a time, but I am probably too old fashioned !!
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #8
Old fashioned? Just well-mannered, polite and considerate. Don't despair; give the new system time and see if it makes any difference. Remember that your wss are incredibly popular and people love them.
4 years ago
What is happening with the most downloaded wss? I suppose we're been bugged again.
4 years ago
(I meant) we've
4 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #11

We fixed the most downloaded weekly.

We have been having a host of technical problems with the new most downloaded daily section, among other things, e.g. we needed to install an extra server and it didn't go well, but things are improving by the hour, so soon we will have a new section on the front page.

Bless up,
4 years ago
Thanks to the team for the effort :)
4 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #13
hello to you all
Sorry guys , but uploading system apparently out today and moreover , I don't understand why a contribution on the first page which is a copy of an important author of the site, although it has been red flagged several times can still be uploaded by people?
4 years ago
How can I red flag that ws? I don't know how to find the URL although I know the name of the author.
4 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #15
Hi Rosa, just type "Present perfect tense in the search engien of the site and you will seeit, it is by Lady Gargara? But several people have reported it and it's still there!!!
4 years ago
Red flagged!. Thanks Sylvie. This is a real "Uploading problem".
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #16
When sg is reported by several people the download button disappears, so it cannot be downloaded while the admin gets to dealing with it.
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #18
Yes Peter, but several people have reported it and it is Still there and the people , I don't Knowl How , but they download it, when I red flagged it this morning, it had 8 download, and now it has 26 , and prints even 1 favorites!!!
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #19
How is it possible to download it if there is no download button on it? That' a mystery to me. Anyways, it's been dealt with.

On another note, is the upload working fine now? It seems it does, there are two uploads today.
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #14
We will fix the preview generation soon, too.
4 years ago

Hello Peter,
It's been over an hour since I uploaded a powerpoint presentation and the preview hasn't been generated yet. Could you see to it, please?
Thank you!

4 years ago
reply to serene's post #22
Everything is OK now, Peter. I deleted and reuploaded my powerpoint and all is well now.
4 years ago
Hi ! Peter i have a problem antispam system is asking to write down letters and number on the screen , but the picture is sooooo small i can barrely see it , let alone numbers or letters.
4 years ago
reply to Kleopatra12345's post #24
We have a little glitch, so some of you may not see an Upload worksheets menu. You can reach the upload form here: en.iSLCollective.com/share

(For the German platform the link is: de.iSLCollective.com/share)

Sorry about it. We're working on it.

Bless up,
4 years ago
Hi Peter. I found my worksheet and colleagues worksheets uploaded and printed in a format of a book which is being sold recetly here in Algeria. I was really shocked to see my work and my colleagues work in that book.
What shall I do to stop that.
thank you.
ps: I can take the worksheets in photos to show you what is happening here in Algeria.
4 years ago
reply to foulila's post #26
Sorry to hear that. We have seen cases like this before, both online and offline. It is indeed very annoying as an author. It is only through the joint and vocal effort of those affected and the broader community of users that such unauthorized commercial uses can be stopped. I suggest you organize a group on Facebook and try to put pressure on the publisher via this group.
Bless up,

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