4 years ago
Hello, I've typed "Halloween games" in the search box and only two worksheets appeared in the results although there are a lot of Halloween Games on the site. Is this only happening to me or do you think there might be a bug or something? Have a good day/night!
4 years ago
reply to serene's post #1
Dear Serene,

When you don't get enough results, it usually means your search term is too narrow. Try searching for a broader search term, in this case for "Halloween" instead of "Halloween games":


This time you will get 441 results.

Now you can narrow it down using an item from the Material type filter, e.g. "games" and you will end up with 61 results:


Another search tactic can be to select "Halloween" from the vocabulary filter and couple it with "games", which in this case will yield 58 results:


I hope this helps.

Bless up,
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #3
Oh, I see. You just type the more general term and then you narrow down the search using the appropriate fliters. You've been very helpful. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!
7 days ago

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