4 years ago
Hi There,

I'm new to this website, so I'm not sure if this topic has already been covered. I noticed several grammar and spelling errors on one of the worksheets that I printed out today. I know that the teachers who create and submit these worksheets are from differnet countries and some speak several different languages. Obvisouly, spelling and grammar can vary greatly from one language to another, so I'm not sure how picky you are about this. However, I think since this site is based on learning to speak and write English correctly that the worksheets should reflect that. What's your thought about this?

BTW, despite the errors, I think that these worksheets are incredible! This website was a great idea and very useful for anyone, not just ESL students/teachers. TY!
4 years ago
reply to nursekk's post #1
Good Morning
Can I point out a few spelling mistakes , differnet should read different, Obvisouly should read Obviously
and also I think we have more than one thought so should read, 'what are your thoughts about this ?'

We all make mistakes, we are only human but I find on this site people will send you a private email to help you and point out any errors. The best way to learn is through practise for students and even for teachers and I personally prefer that people share their efforts rather than others who will just take other people's work. I think I have improved (others may disagree) from my first efforts at creating worksheets.

I have to say I think this it the best site that I have found for English worksheets and I feel part of one big family here.

Thanks to the hard-working team who support this site and to all the incredible creative uploaders, without all of you, what would I do?

Have a great day
4 years ago
reply to nursekk's post #1
Hi nursekk, if you spot errors on worksheets - and like adiri, I've made some too despite being English - (smiey face) you should let the author know by sending a private message. Authors have the facility of correcting their worksheets and re-uploading, without losing any points.
There is the option of red arrowing worksheets which have been stolen or contain copyright images, but there isn't an option for reporting for incorrect information or appalling grammar or spelling mistakes. We all mean well on here, so a helpful, private correction of mistakes is the way forward.
I've only spotted mistakes once or twice and I must confess, I just corrected them before use and didn't bother to alert the uploader, so a smacked hand for me!
4 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #3

Hello All,

​Please, when reading Mrs Frobisher's post, read smiley instead of smiey ; I'm growing fed up with all those mistakes...Pfew !! ;-)
​As for the people who keep uploading their fabulous ws , just one word : BRAVO !
And thank you so much....

4 years ago
reply to liette's post #4
Hi Liette, thank you for correcting my 'mistake' and sorry to add to your irritation. However, I was being ironic, making a joke... . Re-read my post in this light. If it was a 'mistake', was it really necessary to point it out? Can people not work out for themselves that that well-known icon the smiey face is really the smiley face? Lighten up Liette and have a great day.

4 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #5
Hello Lynne,
Oooops ! I was being ironic too ! - Well, I thought ;-))) - ......Just meant to be funny :-(((
Obviously, I wasn't ( cry cry cry..)
Have a nice day,
Liette :-)
4 years ago
reply to liette's post #6
Well lightened, Liette!
To be said out loud tree times quickly.

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