4 years ago
My worksheet of the day is gone and another worksheet with german liknking words is there instead.Also the video lesson (although it's mine as well) but it's also has changed.Please check Kind regards
4 years ago
reply to Misstylady's post #1
Hi! This morning we've changed the worksheet of the day logic. The previous ws of the day logic was separated from the results of the relatively new Most downloaded ESL printables of yesterday section. We wanted to have a unified system where the two are connected. In the new system, the top ws of the Most downloaded ESL printables of yesterday section at 6 am (when the top 12 worksheets replace the previous 12) will become the ws of the day.

The algorithm is a better version than the previous one, but still needs to be improved a little bit. Here's why. While the 12 worksheets that were most downloaded yesterday will remain unchanged (no worksheet can drop out and no new ones can be included), their order may change throughout the day (24 hours, to be precise). So basically it is like a "final" at the Olympics. That means the ultimate most downloaded worksheet of that day is known only after 24 hours, when the next day's most downloaded worksheets replace the current 12 (at 6 am Central European Time). So eventually, we will nominate the top ws after 24 hours exposure in that section to become the ws of the day in the slider. The same logic applies to the selection of the video of the day.

We are still working on this final algorithm, so the current 2.0 algorithm will be replaced by the final version in the coming weeks.

I'm sorry about the disruption this may have caused to current results that have been pulled off the ws of the day slider. One way we can compensate you is to post your ws on our Facebook page. Just please post the link of that worksheet of yours here. Thank you.

Bless up,
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Well.. thanks Peter for the reply..I understand really.. Here is the link https://en.islcollective.com/resources/printables/worksheets_doc_docx/dodoes/do-or-does/93962 Appreciate all the efforts Kind regards Amani
4 years ago
reply to Misstylady's post #3
Thanks for your understanding. I posted it as "Outstanding worksheet of the day" on the iSLCollective Facebook page. :)
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #4
Great!!Thanks !

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