6 years ago
Hello, I'd like you to help me.
Why and what is the difference in order of adjectives between Cambridge and Oxford? Oxford: opinion, size, age, shape,...
Cambridge: opinion, size, shape, age,...
What does this mean? Can we do bothways or what? I am baffled, I admit.
6 years ago
reply to tasha0705's post #1
I didn't even know that Cambridge and Oxford didn't agree on this! In any case you don't often have age and shape in the same sentence, but as a native speaker I would say something like this:
  1. An expensive modern German car.
  2. A funny green cotton cap.

Here is a table which might help you:
How much/many? What’s it like? How big? What shape? How old? What colour? What’s the pattern? Where’s it from? What’s it made of? What is it?
a/an beautiful little square old pale red check French silk scarf
one nice small round new light yellow striped English cotton blouse
three ugly medium-size oval modern bright green plain Japanese wooden desk
some clean average-sized rectangular antique dark blue flowered German leather car
a few dirty large pointed 19th century brown spotted Italian gold house
several cheap big triangular 1930s black Roman metal box
a lot of expensive white Parisian paper

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