4 years ago
Good morning, my worksheet titled, New life, New me, was the highest downloaded on the day I uploaded it, yet it didn't get 'worksheet of the day'. It now has 278 downloads but it isn't on the front page. I would be grateful if you could check if there is some problem, thanks
4 years ago
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Sorry, I should have made it clear, I' m talking now about the most downloaded weekly section, thanks
4 years ago
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Sorry, I'm not quite clear on the situation. Could you please summarize it step by step?
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #3
Hi Adiri, I asked the same question awhile ago ..so just wait, it will appear after a while. . this is why according to Peter "the most downloaded weekly algorithm is this: the worksheets uploaded 14-7 days before the switch (the new weekly best list), which got the most downloads in the 7x24 hours after their upload are selected. This way every worksheet has the same amount of time to collect downloads (7x24 hours), so that's how it's fair. Even if a worksheet is uploaded 7 days before the new weekly best list, it will have one week to collect downloads. Bless up, Peter"
4 years ago
reply to Misstylady's post #4
That's correct regarding the most downloaded weekly algorithm.

As for the worksheet of the day algorithm, we've just phased in the final version a few days ago. Let me tell you how it works.

Remember, we have a "Most downloaded worksheets of yesterday" section, which we created to give one more day of visibility to the best worksheets uploaded the previous day. This is how we counteract the adverse affects of many worksheets being uploaded the same day, which pushes out new contributions too quickly from the front page Newest section.

So we are giving one more day of visibility to the best 12 worksheets of yesterday. I am glad that this has effectively smoothed out the difference in visibility in the Newest section, and remedied the unfair situation of some worksheets being pushed out too quickly because they happened to be uploaded at a time when there's a flurry of uploading activity.

As you can see, the order of the 12 best worksheets from yesterday is not fixed, and may change throughout the day as users keep downloading them. Per the final Worksheet of the day logic, the most downloaded worksheet of those 12 worksheets after 24 hours will be the new Printable and Projectable of the day (at 6 am GMT+1). So this will result in some friendly, 24-hour competition among the 12 worksheets in the "Most downloaded worksheets of yesterday" section, which will make the uploading "game" more fun, I think, because throughout the day you can keep checking back on how your worksheet is doing in the "Most downloaded worksheets of yesterday" section.

Bless up,

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