4 years ago
Dear members,

Some of your ws have been stolen and post on this link: http://www.engworksheets.com/

Please check if you have any there and all the members affected to fill in the Google dmca removal request:

Thanks in advance.

4 years ago
reply to PATRIALUSITANA's post #1
Thank you, Patrialusitana, for this post! THAT site is NOT available anymore. The wss were mostly copied from ESLprintables. Thanks everybody for being ready to help. This site is great, too. Good luck!
4 years ago
reply to kohai's post #2
It seems that the wss were copied from this site, not eslprintables. And it's not over because according to Victor: The site is probably down to prevent us from sending removal requests to Google.
We should check again in the future.
4 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #3
Dear All,

In the middle of the week, we contacted the owner of this rogue site and demanded that he shut down the site completely. I don't know whether Victor also contacted the guy, but if yes, then it may have been the collective force of such a coalition that was needed to make it stop. Maybe in future cases, it would be useful to join forces against illicit sites (include Busyteacher, as well).

I am glad to see that it is offline now, but I also think there is a chance that it will come back online some time in the near future, as the guy did not respond to our email, but simply took the site down. If he puts it back online, please let us know so we can resume this fight.

We don't generally get involved in copyright cases, e.g. in cases where someone prints a book out of our resources, because it is beyond our power to interfere in violations happening offline in another country. However, to act online is much easier, and this was an especially audacious and annoying case, so we decided to take action.

We believe in fairness, and we are glad that it has been restored after a massive violation.

Bless up,

4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #4
Hello Peter. This is noureddine. I would like to tell you that you have been doing such a great job. I really support your work.
4 years ago

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