4 years ago
Hi to you all, just one Word to ask what upvote and down vote mean. Thanks, cheers,

4 years ago
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The same here ...;-) I've just discovered this new item, & I'm not quite sure what it means, because I've noticed a ws ( Mrs Frobisher's ) with a downvote - when it's absolutely brilliant...???
Have a nice week,
4 years ago
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Hi Liette, First of all, thank you for the compliment!
As for the downvotes, this flummoxed me as well, so I asked my son (of internet-savvy age!) 'Have you heard of upvoting and downvoting?' He gave me a disgusted look and 'Of course I have' he replied. I couldn't uderstand why I had downvotes and I checked other frequent uploaders and they had the same. My son explained that it is the total difference between upvotes and downvotes, so if you have a positive number, it means that you have more upvotes than downvotes. or somethng like that............... He he!
4 years ago
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Oops, sorry for the typoes - I'm blaming my keyboard.
4 years ago
For me, it's the same as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" (I like or I don't like) as on YOUTUBE.
4 years ago
Thanks :-)) Yes, that's what I thought too ( hence my "stupid' question because a great ws got downvotes..:-(((
​I'll keep to that : thumbs up ! ;-) - ( I never vote with a thumbs down ;-))
​PS : @Mrs Frobisher : Urgent need for your son to get some fresh air !! Ha! Ha!!!!! ( Errr ...Joke, right ??? ;-)))
( + I have the SAME keyboard ! Unbelievable !! )
4 years ago
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Your son is right! Just try it. Vote sg up, then down, and up again. You will see that there is just one score. And a positive number means more upvotes than downvotes.

Maybe because I am more or less his generation, it never occured to me to give this any explanation. I will think about how to make it more clear, maybe with a better "tooltip" text (the floating message that appears when you hover the mouse over the voting buttons.
4 years ago
reply to jannabanna's post #6
Yes, there are various names for this. Like and dislike. Thumbs up and thumbs down. Upvote, downvote. The real question is, do we show each number separately or as combined. I went for combined, because I want to avoid hurting authors, because maybe just getting one dislike for a ws you worked hard for can ruin your day. A combined number doesn't hurt anyone's feelingz, and could be a good pointer about the true value of that ws. At least, if a critical mass of users vote. But so far, hardly anyone does. Any ideas why? If it remains that way, it's just a waste of virtual space and worth scrapping. Please share your opinion with me. I feel left on my own to figure out a good system. Could use your thoughts on this.

The full story is that I just hate that the first 1200 worksheets in the All time most downloaded list is full of works from 2009-2013, and nothing newer. It's like their special visibility in this top list just makes those works stronger and stronger by the day. So if you create something wonderful today, it has virtually no chance to make it to the best of the best list. This is unfair. I am looking for a system to work against the unfair logic of top lists giving visibility that disadvantages new, beautiful works. That's why I thought of the voting system. But if users are not voting, it's pointless.
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
Hi Peter, As a person belonging to the"olden " generations I will probably never use "this vote up vote down" thing,I 'll stick to favourited, so that's why I don't understand why the number of favouriteds has disappeared from one's old contributions!!
Ps : I was unable to upload something today :((
Anyway thanks for all your efforts at running this iste
Wishing you a nice day, Sylvie
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
Hi Peter, I think you are right to address this issue: the top slots are occupied by golden oldie worksheets and while they are really great, some of them do look a bit dated and it would be nice - and fair if more recent stuff could get a look in. I will do some upvoting. Come on Sylvie - let's have a try!!!
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #10
Dear Sylvie, what is it exactly you don't like about upvote and downvote? Maybe understanding your feelings or preconceptions about it would shed light on the so far observed tendency of users to abstain from voting.
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #12
Well , the thing is that lots of people download works without even saying thank you , those really concerned click on favourited and adding something more to click on, I think , won't give much more , uppermost since the figure you give appears on the downvote side(thismust seem nothing but visually it is disturbing ) , which "bothered" some people and what's more, I personnally among others , I am sure wouldn' t really appreciate to see a"downvote" attributed to my work, for whatever reason. It would be quite heartbreaking, those who send their work know they put it to the judgement of others but if the critics were that clear............So I don't know if I made my point clear but this is how I feel,comfortable with some nice comments and a favourited once in a while. As for the most downloaded ws eve, well, I think people can serach through and choose the ws that best suits their needs whether recent or old
Cheers Hugs from sunny Normandy, Sylvie
4 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #13
It would be nice if more people said a 'thank you', but I suppose people are in too much of a rush. In terms of the up/down voting versus favouriting, I would go for the up/downvoting. Giving an upvote just means that the downloader likes the ws, whereas clicking on 'favourite' may mean to some that you prefer that ws over all the others. This might put some voters off, as they don't want to choose one ws over all the others. I would go for one system or the other though; I don't think running both together will be very helpful. I agree with you Sylvie that a comment is the top accolade. How nice it is when someone tells you their class really benefited from your contribution, or just mention how much they appreciate your wss.
It is annoying to get poor feedback, but it's just one of those things. What I've noticed on the TES - on here, you grade contributions 1-5 - is that the worst marks always come from people who don't contribute; fellow contributors are always more generous.

What about an islcollective online magazine? Features could be 'Contributor of the Month' - this person could tell us as much or as little about themselves as they like and send a photo of themselves, or if they want anonymity, their favourite place.. , 'My best lesson ever' (or worst he he), 'My top tip', 'Registration in (different country every month), 'Teachers' dress code in .....' 'My first lesson' 'My best teacher' 'What I would change about the education system in my country' blah de blah... This would involve members on here contributing the articles and would be immensely informative and entertaining. Any mileage in this? Peter?
4 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #14
A small magazine section is a good idea, we could put it on the main page somewhere. Would you be interested in being charge of it, something like an editor? The person who does this could perhaps do an interview with the contributor of the month, or suggest a topic to solicit articles about, decide which article to run. We can solicit articles in a notification on the top (instead of the video lesson notif). At first this could be a very small section, maybe just one new article per week or two weeks, until we see how it's received by the colleagues.

As for the vote, I will rearrange the upvote and downvote buttons so that the total points is seen next to the upvote button.
4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #15
Hi Peter,

That sounds great! Let's give this a bit of thought over the weekend - I wonder whether any more colleagues will comment on here at this point? It's a good idea to start off small as you say, see how it's received. In fact, small is good! I think once you get to two pages, it can be off-putting. I like the ideas you have suggested. I would be delighted to start it off and then, anybody wanting a turn to edit, could do so...

Have a good weekend, all.


4 years ago
Couldn't you eliminate the All-time statistics completely and leave just the monthly statistics? By definition they are about time, not necessarily quality. Saying this, I'm convinced that the statistics page is read prevalently by regular uploaders and not by new downloaders who come to this site searching for material they are not capable of producing themselves. I must admit that I haven't uploaded anything for months, but my aim was to help people who do not have the time or the language skills necessary to upload ws, and when I receive comments saying I have made their and their students' lives easier then I know I have reached my goal. People who log in regularly to this site don't need statistics to tell them who dedicates their passion, know-how and communication skills to creating worksheets, because their logos become a familiar site.
Lynne you are a perfect example of a dedicated, competent uploader and, in my opinion, no-one is more suited to editing a magazine than you are.
Tanti saulti da una soleggiata Italia.
4 years ago
reply to lesleymisano's post #17
Tanti saluti, sorry for the typo
4 years ago
reply to lesleymisano's post #18
Sorry for the 'familiar sight' too.

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