4 years ago

To the technical team

Hi, I've tried to edit the description in one of my worksheets and I got this message in the red box. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Here is the link to my worksheet.


Thank you in advance!

4 years ago
reply to serene's post #1
Hi there,

it's a faulty error message that's supposed to say "Maximum 2 levels allowed". That's a recently introduced limit on how many levels authors can select for their uploads, which we needed to put in place to avoid the selection of all levels by some, which was misleading.

Another effort we made to improve the classification of worksheets for level was the introduction of "community level" that allows users to vote on what level the worksheet is appropriate for. After you vote, you will see how other voted.

4 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Thanks a lot for the clarification, Peter! Have a nice day!

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