3 years ago
Hi, everyone,

Almost every day I have comments on my worksheets both on the English page and the French, but for the past few weeks nothing at all. I'm not that worried because it's holiday time, but was just wondering whether there was a problem with the site.

Anyone else noticed this?

Bye for now
3 years ago
reply to jannabanna's post #1
Hi, Janet
Yes , that's right , I haven't had any comments to read since the last operations on the site
I know tha's teh holidays but since our works are downloaded , that seems strange, agree with you!!!
Bye , still some days of holidays to go, thanks God
3 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #2
Hi, are you sure there are no new comments in MyPage/Comments? The quick notification next to your avatar seems to have broken, but the commenting function is working. Can you please check?
3 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #3
You're right, Peter. But we cannot see the comments unless we scroll down worksheet by worsheet. BTW, the links to other worksheets or to audio files don't workbook either.
3 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #4
Oops, work, not workbook. The quick notification is ok :)
3 years ago
reply to sylviepieddaignel's post #2
Dear sylvia

Hope that you're all doing well.wELL .I'd like to thank you and all the staff for all what you do in this fruitfull site ,full of practical worksheets which help our learners and even other people wanting to practise their English.Personally ,i used them with my pupils who had the brevet Exam in June and believe me it was a success for them and even for me.So I pray our merciful God to bless you and all the other teachers working in this site .May God bless you all.
3 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #5

hey i am new to this sight , m nt getting how to use this sight effectivley can u help me!

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