3 years ago
When I try to download something, a new page opens and it says "hacking...". Can anyone help me to solve the problem?
3 years ago
reply to emanuelaolita's post #1
Hi, it looks like your computer may be infected with a virus.
3 years ago
I have the same problem...
3 years ago
reply to dacil0's post #3
ok, then, we are looking into it with the techies.
2 months ago

I would really like to see more Open Source docs... most worksheets are in Word, but not everybody has Word. I have a very hard time downloading the cool sheets because I do NOT have MS Office. Stuff just doesn't load correctly when I open it in Open Office, for example. Can we try and have more PDFs or again, open source docs, please?

2 months ago

I suggest a way that it would work.

First, you have to create a Microsoft account if you didn't have one (if you use Skype, you still have one.)

When you get a Microsoft account you can use Microsoft online (it is inside OneDrive).

Second, you have to download your file and then upload it into OneDrive.

So you can open with Word online app.

After I suggest to print the document as a PDF file.

If you want to try this way ....

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