3 years ago
Hello all,
​A fabulous member is back....I've been missing him - and his wonderful work...Hello, dear Herber !!
We have been missing you ....so much !
My kids are used to your PPTs - and blame me when I show them something which is not YOURS !!! Ha! Ha!
You have been copied - but it was not the real thing . He He
I've tried ( many times !) to copy you - but...No way : the children won't have it ! ;-)
​Soooooo, I'm trying to tell you how wonderful your work is ; you have helped so many teachers !!!
Thank you so much for your hard work - and masterpieces.
​I do hope you are feeling much better ; I do hope people will take some time to ...thank you.
All the best to you,
3 years ago
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PS : 111 dowloads - 3 comments.
No comment !

3 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
I sooooo agree with Sylvie! Herber, your ppts are legendary. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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