3 years ago
I downloaded Civil Rights & Ruby Bridges by rmaurel

The clues for the crossword puzzle do not match the answers.
Ex: 4 Across-The separation of a race or an ethnic group Answer: Marshall
5 Across: there is a space for the response in the crossword puzzle, but no question
6 Across: An important date in history Answer: Triumph
8 Across: There is a clue, but no place for the answer in the crossword
10 Across: A rule that you obey Answer: Recess

This was my first experience with iSLCollective.com and it was garbage. :(
3 years ago
reply to happyness4c's post #1
Hi, can you please inform the user by sending him/her this report via the Mistake button? You will find it below the large preview on the page of this worksheet.
3 years ago
reply to happyness4c's post #1
It's just bad luck. Check out the worksheets and the number of times they've been downloaded and the comments... - this site provides a fantastic service for ESL teachers. And what I find is that people who don't contribute anything are always the harshest critics.
3 years ago
reply to MrsFrobisher's post #3
I agree it is a great service, but it needs to be correct. I have downloaded numerous things but have to check them thoroughly before using them due to the bad grammar on a lot of them. They are obviously submitted by people who are ESL. There's no point having a great service if the resources are unreliable.
3 years ago
reply to Janeyspain's post #4
Good Morning,
I have to say that I find Isl Collective to be one of the best sites for English worksheets, I do create some but other teachers can give a different perspective or a more detailed explanation than I have thought of, so variety is great. There can be mistakes sometimes but who doesn't make mistakes. The only solution I can suggest that if they are not up to your standard then better to stick to your own.

Also can take this opportunity to thank the uploaders for all their hard work and their generousity in giving their worksheets for free.

Have a great day everyone

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