2 years ago

Where do I see the responses to my students' work after I assign a video lesson as a class assignment?

2 years ago
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Hi Jacqueline,

this video tutorial has the answer.

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10 months ago

Many Thanks

9 months ago


I am new at this, so I´m not sure how everything works. I work as a teacher in a Norwegian school. We are not alowed to make the pupils sign up on websites that are not approved to be used. I can, however, have them log on to sites such as OxfordOwl, where thay don´t need individual users.

Is there a way to make a "class login", where the whole class has one user? And is it possible to take a video lesson and move it to another platform? We use the Office 365 programs, so it would be perfect if it was possible to move a video lesson to one of the apps in that package.

Thank you!


2 weeks ago

Hi. I am also relatively new. I cannot assign video lessons to my students because I cannot click anything at "assign homework". Do I need a special membership or is there a special way to do it?

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