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Hi Jacqueline,

this video tutorial has the answer.

Bless up,


2 years ago

Many Thanks

2 years ago


I am new at this, so I´m not sure how everything works. I work as a teacher in a Norwegian school. We are not alowed to make the pupils sign up on websites that are not approved to be used. I can, however, have them log on to sites such as OxfordOwl, where thay don´t need individual users.

Is there a way to make a "class login", where the whole class has one user? And is it possible to take a video lesson and move it to another platform? We use the Office 365 programs, so it would be perfect if it was possible to move a video lesson to one of the apps in that package.

Thank you!


1 year ago

Hi. I am also relatively new. I cannot assign video lessons to my students because I cannot click anything at "assign homework". Do I need a special membership or is there a special way to do it?

1 year ago

Undoubtedly, learning English from video and film is very useful. But you need to take into account that everyone perceives information differently. Only 80% perceive information visually. You have to beat the confidence that this method is right for you before spending time learning.

1 year ago

I’ll help you do your creative essay. There is nothing challenging in this task if you know all the tips and stay focused on completing the task.

1 year ago

How can I publish my videolesson?

1 year ago

Hi everyone! I have been developing English esl video lesson plans for adults and teens with questions, vocabulary and exercises. Topics include social issues, as well as daily conversation topics about health and lifestyle. I hope you find it helpful:)

1 month ago

Hello, I can play the video in quiz mode only fro youtube. What problem can it be?

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