9 years ago
Here is a free Windows Numbers Game that I am working on. If this site had the ability, to upload executables, I would be more than happy to post some of my games (Android, Windows, Windows 8, Apple, I-pad and HTML-5). Sorry, I havn't been posting too many PowerPoints, as you can see I have been busy.


9 years ago
reply to foose2's post #1
Hi John!
It sounds a good idea to have a section for Executables. I'm a little concerned about spammers posting viruses in that section, though.
Do you have a suggestion how to avoid that?
Are your games for mobile phones or PCs? And what file format, only .exe?
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
The file format for Windows is a in a zipped package for Windows and is an installer package. The program is an executable. I don't believe it can be opened on your site. My games are for PCs and tablets and or websites (FLASH). My smaller programs are freeware with the option to pay. The larger programs will be coming out on Google soon.

I don't know how you would avoid people posting English games with viruses. From what I can see, there aren't many out there on the market.

9 years ago
Yes, I meant if we hosted the executables themselves, we need to find a way to stop infected files from being uploaded. But I will consult Balint about this, and our possibilities to host flash and exe files on iSLCollective.

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