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Yes, today we are 1 year old! We launched islcollective public exactly 365 days ago. By that time, we had 83 worksheets uploaded, and about 15 registered members in a weeks time.

At the beginning we had great support from a small group of authors (and fortunately we still have):

jujuka, PhilipR, Vikoca79, Nyadri, Borna, ag23, carina, meva, DedicatedTeacher, borna, ilona and Taisy.(hope i missed out nobody) Thank you for your long lasting support!

Nowadays thanks to the commitment of our members, we have more than 1500 worksheets in the englisch section. We appreciate our author's hard work really much, so thanks a lot to all of you!

And of course we would like to also thank all members for visitung us, we hope you like our site!

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Happy Birthday and Happy Interpretor'd Day!
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[b]Great work, thx for all![/b]


[i]Today's new feature:[/i] [url href=http://www.bbcode.org]bbcode[/url] in msgs from now is available! :)
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I also want to say thank you, first to all the contributors, especially the ones who helped us get this site started. An empty sharing platform is not attractive to a lot of people, and it is only by virtue of our first authors that we could fill it with all the free teaching materials that we are currently hosting.

I'm happy to see that most of you who were contributing the printables uploaded your works with our preferred (default) copyright licence that allows others to freely download and adapt your worksheets, and build upon your work in their own classroom. This is so important if we want to let other teachers tailor the materials to the specific needs of their groups, while being sure that they did respect the wishes of the worksheet author.

Ádám and I came up with the idea for the website almost two years ago. It took us about one year to make it into a reality. Since then it's not always been easy to manage and develop the site, since all three of us have day jobs to make ends meet, but we have been committed to constantly adding new features to this website to keep serving you better and better. We also continue to be open to your ideas about how this site could be further improved.

Thx, Bence, for one year of coding. In one year we have fixed countless bugs, refined features that have been not so perfect, and opened iSLCollective also in German, besides the English site. We have tons of other ideas about how to keep going, and I'm excited to think about the other languages that soon to be introduced, and to think about what this place could become in the future.

Dear authors, you're doing a truly useful service for the community of language teachers, and after all, for students in classrooms around the world. Thank you again pls stay with us in the future.

Dear colleagues, if you like iSLCollective, pls spread the word among your colleagues.

Bless up,

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Many happy returns islcollective!!!

Hugs from Argentina

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Goodness Gracious Me!!! :O

Peter! Heeelp! Is there a way to edit my post and clean up the mess I've made on the forum! Picture too large + repeated twice :(
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Hi Jecika, thx for the post. I d the problem posts, you may try again with another picture, perhaps.

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Thanks for your help Peter and

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Happy birthday islcollective

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A little late BUT:


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