9 years ago
Dear Peter & team,
I can't really see how ISLCollective can grow up without being really careful about stolen material ....I know you are teachers, & are very busy, like so many of us ;-)) Still, I must admit I think a site like this one should pay more attention to stolen stuff. I sent you a long list of stolen ws from a wonderful English teacher called Alenka, as the reported "button" didn't seem to be working. Today - again!!! - I found ws stolen from members at ESLP : but I couldn't report......
So, I'm asking you not to make this site bigger, but better; ie : not to allow stolen stuff here. I agree to do the job, with many friends here, so that people understand it is NOT the point ...! BUT, please, help us do that.
I hope you won't mind my telling you, & hope I will not see - again! - the ws of the day being stolen from another site.
Take care,
9 years ago
PS : The ws of the day being not Today's, of course! Kissnetotheedit is a great contributor!!!
9 years ago
Hi everyone,

I too have reported stolen wss- there have been many recently. Other members have done so too. And yet the wss remain on the site. Perhaps we need a clarification about wss. Each worksheet should be created by the member who uploads it. Wss created by others, but located in files on your computer, are not acceptable. Several times stolen worksheets have even won Worksheet of the Day, which is really galling. I have also, unwittingly, downloaded wss created by others, which makes me feel terrble. If a worksheet hasn't been created by you, the uploader, on a word or power point program, then it's not to appear on this site. Some members are very generous and state that you may use their templates, but acknowledgement should be made.
9 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #3
I reported many stolen worksheets before with the links to the original worksheets and they were removed in almost 10 minutes! :) Are you sure you followed the right steps dear Sylvie?
9 years ago
I did, dear Mobscen! I surely did........! This HAS h^pened RECENTLY. ........
You see, dear friend, I thank colleagues from all the world for their wonderful job so often, I Do not like their ws being stolen. I have been a member - from the very beginning - at ESLP: people from all over the world exchanging ws........ I JUST won't have their ws being copied & pasted here.
Maybe there's a pb with the reported button ..........
I sent my money to improve the site. I do hope it w Bless up
9 years ago
Dear Sylvie!

Thanks for the notice. I definitely share your expectations from a sharing website.

I've just instructed Balint, our new full-time programmer, to check if there is a glitch with the report copied button. In case there is, he will fix it first thing in the morning.

This is a good example of why it is indispensible to have a full-time programmer on-board; so as to have someone who can respond to a glitch and fix it right away. You can also contact him directly if you encounter any glitch or bug by sending an email to balint [dot] harangozo [at] islcollective [dot] com.

I'll also check my inbox to see if there's any reports that I may have overlooked. It could happen because I get large amounts of iSLCollective-related emails every day, and this period is especially taxing for me. I would be okay with handing over the investigation and verification of reported worksheets, and their removal to some trusted members.

Thank you for your patience,
9 years ago
Good morning,
Thank you for your answer, Peter. I know you are all so busy, & wouldn't like to ask for too much ;-)) That's why I didn't send you another mail about ws ; I think the reported "button" is fine ;-) & I can easily understand you need time to check the links provided.
I'll help as much as I can.
Have a great day,
9 years ago
reply to liette's post #10
Absolutely no problem, Sylvie! Actually, I don't mind reminder emails about sg that still needs to be dealt with, because I'd like to make sure I don't overlook anything important. As soon as the donation is over, let's talk about the ws report mechanism, and how to include trusted members in it!

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