7 years ago
Dear Peter,
One of my best friends here - Kifissia - is upset because of you. She's upset because ....people are asking for sooooo much & not seeming to give as much.
She, & I, & so many friends....know about the wonderful job you've made so far.
She, & I , are wondering if you are happy, in the end ??? What a great idea to have people exchange all over the world ; what a wonderful idea to start such a site..!
But............. , how come so few can actually search the Forum & read your lines ?
How come so few can give ? I just wonder. Not that I am a wealthy teacher ( would you know any ??????), but.......
How come so few "teachers" can read the Forum posts ?
How come so few can handle ......sending money ?????????
I do believe many of our fellow colleagues cannot afford giving money, but........I do also know many people enjoy "taking" without "giving".
Some might shout at me ; I just do not care. I'll tell you why : My Dad has just died, & he was a very honest person. He brought me up that way, & that way I'll behave.
I know you are ALL giving a lot for the sake of this site ; I just wish you won't get more problems than rewards.
Dear Peter, just give it a thought : is IT worth ..........your life ?????????
People behave just like in shops : I want = I take.
I hope you are more optimistic than I am - at the moment.

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