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Hello ,
As I 've been searching short stories for my classes, here are some links I could find...Hope they can be useful ;-)
Easy readings for kids.

Reading comprehensions ; you can choose the level – from elementary to advanced.

Reading comprehension – first grade.

American tales ( + audio )

Children’s short stories & books to download.

Reading resources ; texts, grammar, vocabulary; on-line exs, etc.

Kids’ audio books ( mp3 )

Picture books for the little ones ( + pictures to download.)
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They are very useful! Thanks a lot for sharing dear Liette!:)
7 years ago
Hi dear Mobscene,
I'm glad they can help! ;-))) Most of the links I share here come from a very interesting French site :
Michelle Henry is a French teacher, & almost every French teacher uses her wonderful site! Although it is French, most of the links & explanations are in English..... Here is the "reading comprehension " page :
( I couldn't post them all, as there are so many!!)

As both English & French are Latin-based, you'll understand most of the topics ( ie = vocabulaire = vocabulary ; grammaire = grammar ; compréhension écrite = reading comprehension ; compréhension orale = oral comprehension ; .....

The site is a site of sites : ie it gives you links to many resources, Grammar, vocabulary, readings, civilisation, songs, videos, tools, etc!!!

I know I posted the link before, but ( due to old age..;-))), I keep posting it, because there are newbies here, who - I'm sure - will find treasures there. If any problems with understanding the language , I'll be glad to help....

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Oh you are very helpful and kind,many thanks again!:) Keep posting and sharing the links dear friend bc the forum is busy and some posts can not be seen by most of us. Have a great day!:)
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SHARING SITES - continued............
I do not know about you, but here at my school we are not using textbooks anymore.........Our biggest problem is to find free audio resources, esp from the Net.
Here is a list of resources I've collected so far, I hope these can help you with your teaching ;-)))
Audio / Listening comprehension :

A great site, with free mp3 to download ! They tell you the topic, level ( A1, A2, B1, etc ) & if it is a male or female recording. French site, but most of the topics are in English.

From the British Council – a must-have ;-))

Free mp3 downloads + worksheets.......

English listenings on-line.........

Videos, audio files....A must-have.

Audio activities for kids.

Listenings on-line.

American stories : transcripts & mp3.

BBC news – video & audio ; a must-have...

BBC – again! free podcasts.

Listening worksheets makers.

A few listenings from an academic French site. Free mp3 downloads.

Michelle Henry’s listening comprehension page. You’ll find zillions of links - & , maybe, will need a lifetime to search them all!

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