7 years ago
I work for a non profit agency and am creating a simple coloring book for one of our programs to give to the kids she works with. The focus of the coloring book is to teach basic skills. It is a free handout she will be working with the kids on and they can keep to work on later as well. It is an early prevention program. Some of the pages I have found on here would work wonderfully, but I want to make sure I do not cross any copyright or licensure lines. Being as we are not a teaching facility, but a mental health facility, I wanted to check before I utilize any of the materials. Thank you to anyone who can give me input on this.
7 years ago
reply to MSimpson's post #1
I think your project is a fair use of materials from this site. What do others think? Check with the site owners. As long as the worksheets are not attributed to anyone else and not for sale and you have the author's permission. If any of my worksheets are useful for your project you are welcome to use them.

7 years ago
I agree with Apodo.
Maybe you could send a private message to the authors of the worksheets you'd like to use ?
Thank you for asking, anyway ;-))
I'm not really sure my worksheets could be useful for you, but feel free to use them.
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #3
I also think that sending a private message to the authors of the worksheets would be a god idea!

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